Best 15 inch Subwoofers

Picking the right subwoofer is no easy task, that’s for sure. There are so many different brands to choose from, different styles, and not to mention different price ranges. And if you don’t know a lot about subwoofers, you’re going to have an even tougher time when deciding on which exact subwoofer to get. However, you don’t necessarily have to be very tech-savvy in order to choose the right one. These days, the Internet is of tremendous help, with many useful shopping guides, recommendation lists and customer reviews, which can all help you get a clearer picture of what exactly is going on in the world of whatever product you’re buying – subwoofers included..

There are many things to consider when buying a subwoofer, and one of them is the size. Namely, the size of the driver that’s installed. The bigger driver will give you better bass, as they will handle low frequencies better and generally reach much lower than their smaller counterparts. However, you need to keep in mind that bigger drivers naturally come in larger enclosures, and will take up significantly more space than some more compact solutions.

If you need something bigger, and you’ve decided on 15-inch subwoofers, we’ve compiled a list of such subwoofers which are available at various price points. There’s something for everyone, so you’re bound to find at least one that you like. So, let’s take a look and see what the best 15 inch subwoofers are.


The first item on our list comes from JBL, and its name is GTO1514. This is a 4-ohm voice-coil subwoofer meant to be used in a car. It uses a proprietary die-cast frame design, which reduces the mounting depth. This is very convenient if you’re have a smaller car and have to deal with limited space. Furthermore, JBL claims that this structure will maintain precise alignment throughout the years of use, so you can be sure that the sound quality will not degrade even after years of heavy use.


With its peak power of 1400 watts, you know you’re getting some serious power. The GTO1514 also has good thermal characteristics – thanks to the vented motor structures and pole-pieces, heat won’t be a problem, and it won’t affect the sound quality in any way. Inside you’ll find a polypropylene cone which deals well with distortion and should deliver great bass consistently. And as for the frequency response, this model deals with frequencies in the range of 23Hz–400Hz, so you’re getting all the important lows that you would expect from a subwoofer.


Design-wise, the JBL makes a good impression, although you won’t really see most of it once it’s installed. Still, we can see that the company did pay attention to making this unit fairly attractive, as it’s clearly implicative of its power. When it comes to the sound quality, this JBL certainly doesn’t disappoint. It produces solid, tight bass that will appeal to all those looking for quality,  deep sound in their vehicle.

Earthquake Sound SubZero-15

Maybe it won’t exactly create an earthquake, but it will certainly create some serious bass! We’re talking about the SubZero-15 subwoofer from the Earthquake Sound company, which has a maximum power output of whopping 2500 watts! Now, that’s a serious number. Probably even too much if you’re not being careful with it. But nevertheless, if you’re looking for a subwoofer that will produce amazing, strong bass, then the SubZero-15 could be the right solution for you. In addition to the 15-inch model, Earthquake Sound also offers the 10-inch and 12-inch versions, with maximum power output of 1500 and 2000 watts, respectively.


The SubZero-15 is a car subwoofer that uses a military grade flat wire voice coil, which tells you a lot about the quality. Other important features that this model utilizes are the TCT (Turbine Cooled Transducer) coil, as well as pole cooling technology, the latter of which ensures that this unit functions well no matter how difficult the bass might be. On the subwoofer itself, you’ll find exclusive 8-gauge PSP terminals, making the installation in any vehicle fairly easy and straightforward.


Of course, you’re not going to be looking much at this subwoofer, since most of it will be hidden away in some kind of an enclosure. But design-wise, we have to say that this model stands out a bit with its modern look. You probably won’t have any complaints about the sound either, seeing as how it can handle a maximum of 2500 watts. Perfect for those impromptu parties when you want to impress everyone with some big bass. Finally, the SubZero-15 is priced at around $545.

Kicker L7

Perhaps you’re not aware of that, but subwoofers don’t necessarily need to be round. One such unconventional subwoofer comes from Kicker, under the name L7. Namely, the L7 sports a square design, which looks pretty cool. However, the shape choice wasn’t simply dictated by aesthetics. If you remember your math classes, specifically the ones about geometry, you know that a square of a given size has a larger surface area than that of a circle of the same dimension. 27.33% larger, to be exact. What this practically means is that you’re getting a bigger subwoofer that can fit in the same enclosure as the smaller, round one. And that’s more bass for you!


The shape is all nice and neat, but what about the features? Well, you’ll be happy to know that this subwoofer does not disappoint in that department. For starters, this model can handle 900 watts of power, while dealing with a frequency range of 20 to 200 Hz. This should give you plenty of low frequencies to enjoy some great bass.  The woofer itself is built around a heavy duty cast aluminum alloy basket, which provides the unit with stability and rigidity. Another interesting feature of this model is a finned aluminum heatsink, which surrounds the voice coil. Kicker used this solution instead of a typical vented pole piece, resulting in better cooling.


Obviously, one of the first things you’re going to notice about this subwoofer is its unconventional square design. It’s modern, sleek and it will fit it nicely wherever you plan to install it. Even the terminals in the back are square; these are spring-loaded terminals, and they are nickel-plated, accepting up to 8-gauge wire. The L7 is a subwoofer that certainly stands out from its competition, and if you’re all about maximizing efficiency for a given space, then this model could be just what you’re looking for. It is priced at $750.

Hifonics BRZ15D4 Brutus Dual Subwoofer

How cool does ‘Brutus’ sound, right? Hifonics definitely get a few extra points for the name of their product, the subwoofer BRZ15D4 Brutus. This is a dual 4 ohm subwoofer that handles power of 600 watts. That should give you plenty of bass and really good listening experience as well. Design-wise, there isn’t anything really special going on about this unit, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking a look at or considering it.


While it handles power of 600 watts (RMS), this model can also handle up to 1200 watts of peak power, which sounds pretty impressive. It’s certainly not the most powerful subwoofer on the market, but it won’t disappoint, that’s for sure. Next, the BRZ15D4 Brutus uses a polypropylene cone, which maintains its shape even in tough situation when the bass is a bit overpowering. It should also be mentioned that this model uses a nickel plated back plate that efficiently disperses heat and ensures good, quality bass throughout years of use.


The BRZ15D4 Brutus is a fairly attractive piece of equipment, although it doesn’t exactly stand out from its competition. You can install it in either sealed or ported enclosures, so you have a nice level of versatility for this model. When it comes to sound quality, the majority of online reviews judge this unit positively, noting its loudness, as well as build quality. Priced at $320 ( you can find it even cheaper), this subwoofer represents good value for the money, but its performance is not exactly on par with the more expensive models, so keep that in mind and set your priorities when considering this model.

Orion HCCA152

Here’s another monstrous subwoofer, and it comes from Orion. One of their collections of subwoofers is dubbed as HCCA, and here you’ll find models that incorporate a better quality voice coil, and with higher overall power as well. One of the subwoofers from this series we’ll mention here is the HCCA152, and it can handle power of 2500 watts, with a peak power of 5000 watts! This beast will not leave you wanting for more bass, that’s for sure!


Inside this model, you’ll find a polypropylene cone woofer, which is to be expected in this category. The material itself provides the stability and rigidity the subwoofer needs during those strenuous music sessions. Next, we also have dual flat conex spiders with loop stitched tinsel leads, and Orion also implemented an enhanced cooling system. With such massive power, it’s nice to know that the subwoofer can easily handle all the heat that will necessarily ensue during its use. Another interesting feature is the optional iPod cable for all the Apple fans out there.


Looking at this unit, one of the first things you’re going to notice are the bright red sections, which make this subwoofer quite interesting to look at. It’s also quite heavy; at 82 pounds (37 kilograms), so you probably wouldn’t want to carry this thing around a lot before it’s installed. But the weight alone gives you a nice sense of quality, which is pretty neat. Finally, when it comes to how customers have reviewed this subwoofer, the HCCA152 fares well. The overwhelming majority of online reviews have been very kind to this model, noting the strong, punchy bass it produces and plenty of power that it has. Orion even gives enclosure recommendations on their website, so you can easily figure out how you want to install this subwoofer and get the most out of it.

Power Acoustik MOFO-154X

When talking about 15-inch subwoofers, there’s always going to be a lot of power involved. And that’s the case with the MOFO-154X subwoofer from Power Acoustik. Namely, this model handles power of 1700 watts, with a peak power of 3000 watts, which is not the highest on the market, but it certainly isn’t low. At $150, it’s quite affordable, so it might be good for those more budget-conscious buyers who don’t want to sacrifice power by moving to the lower price or size bracket.


The MOFO-154X features nickel plated 8 gauge compression wire terminals, and inside, you’ll also find a non-pressed pulp cone, with polyether foam surround. There’s also a vented pole piece, which takes care of the heat produced by the speaker. This is important, since  there’s inevitably going to be a lot of heat with this much power involved. It seems to be nothing that this subwoofer can’t handle, which is good to know – nobody likes their equipment dying due to overheating.


Every subwoofer has at least 1 thing that makes it kind of unique and recognizable, and here it’s the stunning royal blue finish with diamond cut accents, which looks pretty cool. The die-cast aluminum frame visually looks very good, and nicely complements the overall aesthetics of this model. The sound quality is not something you will be disappointed by, and online reviews have confirmed that. Customers say that there’s plenty of power, and plenty of strong, clean bass coming from this subwoofer. For the price, it might be a good investment, depending on your budget and what you expect from a subwoofer.

Yamaha DXS15

Let’s take a break from car subwoofers, and look at some more conventional ones. One such subwoofer comes from Yamaha, and its name is DXS15. This 15-inch subwoofer provides rock-solid bass and consistent performance, all packed in a sturdy wooden enclosure, and Yamaha claims that this product is perfect for the gigging musician, school sound systems, and houses of worship. Put simply, it is best suited to larger spaces.


Inside this model, you’ll find a 600-watt RMS Class D amplifier, which is exceptionally light. This means that the whole unit is pretty manageable in terms of size and weight handling, which is something to consider if you plan to move this subwoofer around a lot. When it comes to the frequency response, the DXS15 deals with frequencies ranging from 45 to 160 Hz, which should give you plenty of bass in every situation you might need, although it’s not optimal for a subwoofer of this size. However, one of the cool features of this subwoofer is the built-in D-XSUB processing, thanks to which the frequency response can be extended lower.


The DXS15 is a sturdy-looking piece of equipment, and its construction is actually acoustically optimized for maximum sound quality. It can fill out a larger room with plenty of rich bass, and thanks to the parallel XLR outputs, you can add additional DXS subwoofers, and increase the bass even more. As for the design, this Yamaha won’t exactly impress anyone, but it’s not necessarily something you would want to hide. Priced at $700, this model received overwhelmingly positive reviews, which note the balanced sound that’s produced by the unit and how well it fills up a room.

Seismic Audio Baby Tremor 15-PW

Don’t let the name fool you – this subwoofer is neither cute or small. But it’s a catchy name, that’s for sure. The Baby Tremor 15-PW from Seismic Audio (another earthquake-themed brand) is a powerful subwoofer that handles 300 Watts RMS power and 600 watts of peak power, which might not sound impressive when compared to some other 15-inch models, but it will certainly be enough for every situation you might use this subwoofer in. The company describes the product as being designed for medium sized live sound and DJ settings.


Now, let’s get to the features, shall we? The Baby Tremor 15-PW has a pretty good frequency response, whose range starts at 35 Hz and ends at 800 Hz, which is more than some models that we’ve seen so far offer. Other features include separate sub and satellite volume control, and we also have a switch for a 200 Hz high pass filter. As for the amplifier, inside this unit, we find a Class AB 3 channel amplifier.


Weighing at 73 pounds (33 kilograms), the Baby Tremor 15-PW is not exactly lightweight, but it should be pretty manageable for transport. As for the sound quality, this unit produced good, tight bass, as noted by the online reviews and customer experiences. The subwoofer is judged positively, both in terms of sound quality, as well as build quality, which is something you shouldn’t ignore. Finally, it should be mentioned that this model retails for little more than $200, which is pretty affordable.

Klipsch SW-115

Another well-known name in the world of audio equipment is definitely Klipsch. And they too have a 15-inch subwoofer in their lineup, and it’s called SW-115. This is a front-firing subwoofer with slightly more modern design that makes it perfect for pretty much any room. Furthermore, Klipsch say that this model can also be built into a wall or a cabinet, thanks to the minimal resonance that the subwoofer has. And if you don’t want to deal with figuring out where to put the wires, the company also sells an additional subwoofer wireless kit which turns this subwoofer into a wireless one.


Arguably, one of the most important features in a subwoofer is the frequency response, and just how low it will go. Well, you’ll be happy to know that the SW-115 is capable of reproducing very low frequencies, as low as 18 Hz. This will give you plenty of good, palpable bass, whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music. The amplifier itself can handle continuous power of 400 watts, as well as peak power of 800 watts, which sounds pretty good. And for those concerned with saving energy, Klipsch designed this subwoofer so that it only consumes 1 watt in standby mode.


While its design isn’t ground-breaking, you certainly couldn’t describe the SW-115 as boring. It will fit in nicely with in pretty much any interior, with any décor. When it comes to the sound quality, the  majority of customers that left online reviews praise this model, its performance as well as its build quality. The subwoofer excels in the very low end of the frequency range, and that’s something that you should take into consideration if you want that sort of bass that can be felt, and not only heard.

HSU Research VTF-15H

Here’s an interesting subwoofer from a company you might not have heard of. We’re talking about the VTF-15H subwoofer from HSU Research. This is a front firing model which has a beautiful (and real!) wood veneer finish in rosenut, which looks quite impressive. This is one of those models you would want to show off, that’s for sure. But its wood finish isn’t the only thing that catches one’s attention. Right on the front, you can easily spot dual integrated flare triangular ports, for which the company has a patent pending. Thanks to these ports, HSU Research was able to use a more compact panel size, which is beneficial for the overall dimensions of this subwoofer.


Now, let’s get to the features, shall we? The VTF-15H can handle continuous power of 350 W, with a peak power of 1400 watts. The latter is something you might not need at all times anyway, but it’s nice to know that this model can handle quite a bit of stress. Next, it should be mentioned that this is a low inductance woofer, which means that we have very high efficiency and high headroom. On the back of the unit, you’ll find all the necessary controls, including the volume, crossover frequency (30 – 90 Hz) and Q controls.


The VTF-15H is a good-looking piece of technology, with its innovative triangular ports which not only represent an important technological advancement, but they also make the whole unit stand out from the competition. The triangular ports also give this model a more modern vibe, which goes well with the more conventional styling provided by the wood veneer finish. Overall, the VTF-15H is a good option for those looking for just the right combination of conventional and unconventional styling, and superb sounding bass that will rock your world.

REL Acoustics No. 25

If you’re lucky enough that money is not an issue for you, and you’re looking for something quite extraordinary, then how about this subwoofer? The No. 25 from REL Acoustics is a very special model, created in honor of the 25th anniversary of this company, and its suggested retail price is whopping £6,500! Definitely not a subwoofer you’re going to see around a lot, that’s for sure. But for those adventurous folks with a lot of cash, the No. 25 will be a good options with its cutting-edge design, advanced engineering and superior craftsmanship that all did their part in the creation of this ultimate  subwoofer.


So, what exactly do you get for your £6,500? Well, for starters, you get a subwoofer with NextGen3 Class D amplifier with a power of 1000 watts. The subwoofer itself is front-firing, and it features a 380mm long-throw, carbon fiber cone. Another important component of this extraordinary subwoofer is the LongBow wireless receiver, thanks to which you can position this unit anywhere around the house. You probably wouldn’t want to – or could, for that matter –  carry it a around, as it weighs a hefty 168 pounds (76 kg).


This is not an ordinary-looking piece of audio equipment, as you would expect given the enormous price tag. It has a beautiful piano black lacquer finish (12 coats, to be precise) which will give a dash of elegance and modern design to any room it’s in. The cabinet itself is made of 30-mm thick Australian MDF, with a special curved shape that was designed to give you the optimal sound, meaning a clear, tight bass. The sound itself was judged as fastest and tightest, which isn’t surprising for this high-end model. Still, this isn’t a subwoofer for anyone, and that’s not just because of the price. But nevertheless, it surely is an impressive piece of audio equipment.

AVE Bassboy 2

Let’s take a look at something more affordable, shall we? Namely, we’re talking about the AVE Bassboy 2, a lightweight subwoofer priced at $629. Well, lightweight compared to the previous one from REL Acoustics. Its weight of 57 pounds (26 kilograms) makes it fairly portable, so if you wish to move it around a lot, be it just around the room or across multiple locations, it won’t present too much of a problem. The cabinet itself is made of dense composite wood, providing stable and rigid housing for this subwoofer. AVE themselves describe this model as being perfect for nearly any application or purpose, which includes DJs, bands, and venues.


Inside this model, we find a Class-D amplifier, which can handle RMS power of 350 watts, as well as peak power of 700 watts, which should be plenty for some strong and punchy bass that you’d expect from it. When it comes to the frequency response, this unit covers a range of 30Hz to 150Hz, giving you all the necessary frequencies no matter how you intend to use this sub. On the back of the unit, you’ll find all the necessary inputs and outputs, as well as controls that enable extensive sound customization.


The design of the Bassboy 2 is not something that will impress a lot of people, but it’s functional above all else. The black dense composite wood cabinet looks like pretty much what you would expect from a subwoofer, but that’s not a bad thing at all. As for the sound quality, this model certainly doesn’t disappoint. It will produce plenty of strong and tight bass, no matter where or how you use it, and that’s what matters the most. Its compact size is another plus, so if you’re looking for something smaller than usual, this might be a good option.

Cerwin Vega XLS 15S

A subwoofer doesn’t necessarily have to have an all-black design, as we can see when it comes to this particular subwoofer. We’re talking about the XLS 15S from Cerwin Vega, which uses bright red accent pieces which go well with the overall color scheme of this model. However, it’s not exactly the most exciting design either, which could be a good thing if you don’t want to experiment with colors too much.


Inside this unit, we find a 15-inch cast frame high excursion woofer, as well as a Class AB amplifier. The subwoofer can handle 250 watts of RMS power, and as for the frequency range, the XLS 15S will go as low as 35 Hz, which is not the absolute lowest like we’ve seen in some of the competing models, but it should be plenty for an average consumer who’s not demanding the absolute lowest frequencies from their subwoofer.


The XLS 15S has just the right amount of features to make it stand out from the crowd, design-wise, without looking odd or unconventional. It’s a fairly lightweight unit, weighing at 68 pounds (30.8 kilograms), while the overall dimensions of this model are 610 mm x 430 mm x 580 mm. Finally – the sound quality. That’s what we all want, right? Well, you’ll be happy to know that the majority of customer reviews reported a positive experience with this model, noting good sound quality, strong and punchy bass. The build quality is good, and its design will fit in nicely in different environments.

Mackie SRM1550

Here’s another powerful subwoofer, this time from Mackie. Namely, the model called SRM1550. It can handle power of 1200 watts, which is pretty impressive. Mackie recommends using this subwoofer with their SRM350 or SRM450 speakers, but of course, you can use it in other systems as well. Design-wise, the black cabinet is not something that stands out, at least not with its color choice, but we can still say that it is a bit creative, with its placement of ports and the overall shape.


One of the first things you find out about this subwoofer is its 1200-watt power. That should tell you something about the power of the bass you can expect from it. Next, the unit has a frequency response of 50 to 120 Hz, and can go as low as 40 Hz. Furthermore, we have integrated digital crossover with variable control and presets, however, these for the SRM350 or SRM450 speakers by Mackie. Still, this subwoofer is packed with plenty of neat technology designed to give you the optimal sound for (almost) any occasion.


The SRM1550 is one sturdy-looking subwoofer. In fact, Mackie themselves describe its design as “Built-Like-A-Tank”, not something you hear a lot. This guarantees that the model is bound to last for a long time and can handle high workload. When it comes to the customer reviews, the SRM1550 fares rather well. The overwhelming majority of reviews are positive, praising the sound, as well as the build quality. This is a serious piece of audio equipment, and at $799, it’s a pretty hefty investment. But if you want bass that can easily fill out a large room, then the Mackie SRM1550 might just be what you need.


The last pick on our list of 15-inch subwoofers comes from QSC, and its name is HPR151i. This powered subwoofer is part of the company’s HPR series, and it comes in a painted birch plywood enclosure, which doesn’t sound particularly impressive (especially if you compare it to the £6,500 subwoofer from REL Acoustics), but it should provide enough sturdiness and rigidity for this model to last a long time. At 98 pounds (44.5 kilograms) it’s certainly not the most lightweight subwoofer available, but it should not present much of an issue when it comes to transporting it – if you have the right equipment or, at the very least, enough brawn.


Now, let’s get to the features. Inside this unit, you’ll find a Class H 700-watt amplifier, whose power is plenty for almost any application.  As for the frequency response, the HPR151i deals with frequencies ranging from 51 Hz to 105 Hz. The frequency response can go down to 43 Hz, which the company claims can produce sound quality that rivals many 18-inch subwoofers. Now, that’s pretty bold claim to make, but we’ll take their word for it. On the back of this subwoofer, you’ll find all the necessary inputs and outputs, as well as controls used for fine tuning the sound.


Design-wise, there’s nothing in particular that really sets this subwoofer apart from its competition. The design itself is pretty unassuming, but certainly not bad. The enclosure, in terms of shape and color, is pretty much what you would expect, and it’s all nicely complemented with a tour-grade 16 gauge steel grille. Overall, the QSC HPR151i is a good option for those looking for a no-nonsense subwoofer, and who are not that easily impressed by some quirky design or some technology they might not even need.


And that would be the end of our list of best 15 inch subwoofers. As you’ve seen, the choice is huge, and that’s just a tiny bit of the entire choice of these models. They come in various sizes, as far as the enclosure goes, and some of them don’t even have an enclosure, as they are meant to be installed later. So, which one to get, exactly?

Well, that’s a tough question and it’s an even tougher one teo answer. When purchasing a new subwoofer, you really need to think about several things. After you’ve figured out that you need a 15-inch subwoofer, you have to think about the price. The more expensive models should give you better quality sound and stronger bass, but that might not always be the case. And as you’ve seen, there are some models with some pretty outrageous prices.

Also, you should think about where exactly you’re going to be using your new subwoofer. Most likely, there are 3 scenarios:

  • Home – A 15-inch subwoofer might be a tad too much for home environment, but why not? If you really want that movie theater experience, and you have space available in your house, getting a big subwoofer might be a good idea. Depending on which model you choose, you can even install it into a wall or in a cabinet, which makes for a more sleek appearance.
  • Car – Subwoofers can really make the music listening sessions in your car a much more immersive experience, you why not upgrade your car audio setup with a nice subwoofer? There are plenty of choices in terms of power, but also styling, although the latter doesn’t really matter as most of the unit won’t be visible once it’s installed in an enclosure. Well, unless you go for a transparent one.
  • Outdoors – A 15-inch subwoofer is a great solution for when you need strong, punchy bass to fill out any large area. So, if you’re planning on playing music in outdoor venues or anywhere else that’s outside, a good subwoofer will be a life-saver. Look for the models that have exceptional good build quality and that are fairly lightweight and easy to transport.

Now that you have all the necessary information, you’re ready to make the decision and get the right 15-inch subwoofer. As always, online reviews can be a big help, as you can see what other people have experienced and if they recommend it at all.  After all, it’s a big investment and being informed well is crucial to ensuring that you don’t regret your purchase later.

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