Best Point and Shoot Camera under $200 – Choose the best

Are you in the market for a new affordable camera? If so you should consider the best point and shoot cameras under 200.

What’s a Point and Shoot Camera under 200?

Before you start shopping for a new camera it’s important to know the exact definition of a “point and shoot” camera. This is a digital camera that includes an automatic focus and exposure. As the name suggests you just aim the camera’s lens at the subject then press the button. The camera then takes care of the rest of the process.

There’s a wide variety of point-and-shoot cameras so when you start shopping around you’ll have several options. They vary in size and can be small enough to fit into a pocket or small bag. It’s important to note that these cameras have no options to set the shutter speed, aperture, or focus manually. However, there can be settings for various lighting conditions like bright versus dusk.

The history of point and shoot cameras dates back to 1977. That’s when Konica launched the world’s first mass-produced auto-focusing camera. The Konica C35 AF allowed the camera’s lens to move in order to adjust to the subject being captured. This created a sharper photo. Features of the C35 AF included a built-in flash and automatic exposure system. It had a leaf shutter with 3 speeds. The majority of the game-changing camera’s features were electronic but the film advance was in fact mechanical. The Japanese manufacturer of film, cameras, and camera accessories was founded in 1873 and merged with Minolta in 2003 to create Konica Minolta.

TABLE: Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $200

Best Point & Shoot Cameras Under $200

#1. Canon 0111C001 PowerShot SX610 HS

Canon is a Japanese multi-national corporation that produces a wide variety of products including cameras, camcorders, and photocopies. The company was founded in 1937 and has been selling cameras in the US since 1955. This is one of the best point and shoot camera under 200 from our top list. In 1934 Canon produced the Kwanon, which was a prototype for the first-ever 35 millimeter camera in Japan that featured a focal plane-based shutter. The company changed its name to Canon in 1969 and refers to a Buddhist person who’s motivated to great compassion.


  1. 18x Optical Zoom

The camera’s zoom provides users of the unit with outstanding versatility. This is important because the camera’s zoo is definitely one of the most important features in terms of the image that’s captured. It’s always better for there to be a wide ranging zooms to provide more versatility when collecting images.

  1. 20.2 megapixel High sensitivity CMOS sensor

Here’s one of the key features of the camera since it lets you snap amazing pics in low-level light. This feature along with theDIGIC 4+ Image Processor forms the Canon HS System. It’s important when

  1. Shake-free images

These can be snapped at any zoom length. When you’re operating the camera you’ll want the images to be as steady as possible. This will help to produce the best results. The camera’s auto focus is another feature that can help to provide better quality images in terms of keeping them in focus.

  1. DIGIC 4+ Image Processor

This feature powers the advanced functions/capabilities of the camera. That includes full HD video, Creative shot, and Hybrid Auto. This is all in MP$ format. The fast processing speed produces fast/responsive performance so you’ll have an experience that’s natural/easy.

The processor also improves image quality in many ways. Processing provides for the integration of the phone’s Dynamic IS. This system makes up for multiple motion types. IT helps to prevent shift blur, angular blur, and parallel movement blur. What’s the result? Images are very sharp/clear at all lengths of the powerful zoom of the camera. Meanwhile, the battery life is also extended through the efficiency of the camera’s processor. This is a plus since you’ll be able to take more snaps before juicing up the battery.

  1. Built-in NFC

This camera also features built-in NFC, which ends the need to find/open the Canon Camera Connect app on smartphones and tablets. All you have to do is tap the NFC icon located on the camera to your Android device. Then the Camera Connect app launches automatically for fast and easy sharing of images.

Built-in NFC tech also makes it easier to install the mobile app. In the case the app hasn’t been installed after you tough the device for the first time the screen will show automatically.

  1. Image Sync Function

The camera’s Image Sync Function was been upgraded/expanded. It doesn’t just transfer photos/videos wirelessly via Canon Image Gateway to your desktop/laptop. Now you can use your smartphone to download them. This lets you take them anywhere and anytime you can use your favorite phone operates to see and share them.

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi

This allows owners to transfer images/video wirelessly to mobile devices that are compatible with the camera. When you have web connectivity you can then share your images/video with various devices including desktop/laptop and smartphone/tablet.

The camera’s Wi-Fi/NFC3 control makes connectivity with smartphones much easier. The camera also supports near field communication (NFC) so you can enjoy one touch connection when you’re sending images to Android phones/tablets. You just have to touch the device to connect to the web and there are no complicated setups.

  1. Social Media

You’ll also have the option to share your images on your favorite social media sites, which is a plus whether you’re a fan of Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is a key feature since the use of social media continues to increase with Facebook alone having over 2 billion active users worldwide.

  1. 3.0-inch LCD

Here’s another important feature of the camera. It allows you to view various settings on the camera before snapping a picture. The 3-inch screen makes it easier to view the LCD display regardless of the adjustments you’re making to the camera. This will ultimately improve the quality of your image, which is the ultimate goal.


  • Sleek design
  • Shake-free images
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Powerful zoom


  • Complex



#2. Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera

Here’s an affordable point and shoot camera from Sony. It produces images with amazingly detailed images so it’s certainly one you should consider. It helps you capture incredible images with great contrast and clarity. The images include incredible detail so it’s definitely a camera you should consider for your particular needs.

Features of this best point and shoot camera under 200:

  1. 5x Optical Zoom

This is a great feature of the camera. There’s also a 10x Clear Image digital zoom with professional Sony ZEISS lens. When picking a camera there are many issues to take up but the zoom is certainly one of the most critical ones to consider. This camera from Sony helps to make sure you’re getting a unit with high-quality zoom. That in turn will improve the overall quality of your pics, which is critical in order to get the best results.

  1. Sweep Panorama Mode

This allows you to sweep an environment up to 360 degrees. If you want to go past the standard wide-angle lens then this is one of the features you should consider. Sweep Panorama mode is easy to use. Just press down the shutter button and sweep the camera in the direction the camera shoots while at a high speed. The image is stitched together using an automatic position adjustment. It helps to produce on incredible image.

  1. Easy Mode

This helps to reduce the menu’s layers. The photo-taking experience becomes much easier and more enjoyable. These are important factors when snapping photos so it’s definitely a key feature of the camera you should consider using. When taking photos you’ll want the entire process to be as simple as possible and Easy Mode can help to achieve that goal.

  1. Smile Shutter Technology

This tech captures people’s smiles when they happen. Just press the camera’s Smile Shutter button. Then the camera automatically snaps a photo when there’s a smile. It’s a great feature because it helps to make sure you’ll never miss a person’s smile, which is a plus when using the camera.

  1. SteadyShot Image Stabilization

This is one of the of the top features included on Sony cameras. It’s important when taking a picture that the image is as steady as possible. This will in turn help to ensure that blur is reduced and the overall quality of the image is maximized. There are various factors that can cause your hands or the camera itself to shake. So the key is to minimize how much that happens and SteadyShot image Stabilization is definitely effective in achieving that goal.

How well does the technology work? It can help to make the images sharp and the noise minimized even when the user is walking. This is definitely a key feature of the camera since it helps to improve the overall quality of the image. There are times when you’ll want to snap a photo when you’re strolling. In that case it’s still important to prevent blur and noise.

  1. Picture Effect

Here’s another key feature of the camera that you should consider. This takes expressions to the next level. It focuses on particular attributes when you snap photos like portraits and landscapes. You’ll get better images/videos when you use this feature so it’s definitely one to consider.

  1. USB Charging

USB3 makes charging your battery easier than it’s ever been and is definitely one of the key features of the camera. It’s very simple. All you have to do is use a USB to connect your camera to the USB port of your PC. Then you can charge your battery when you’re out and about. It’s certainly one of the best features of the camera and makes it one worth considering.

  1. Camera Guide

This feature helps you to navigate through the camera’s various features. The camera includes an instruction guide that’s built into the camera. It allows you to search through the camera’s functions based on your particular needs depending on where you’re located. It’s a plus since you’ll want to take the best pictures possible regardless of where you’re located.


  • USB charging
  • Optical Zoom




#3. Nikon Coolpix L340

This is a low-cost bridge style camera with superzoom. It’s actually an update of the L330. The top selling point of this camera is the 28x optical zoom that provides the equivalent of a 35mm focal range of 22.5 to 630 mm. the camera’s images are captured on a 20.2 megapixel sensor. This is the third on our list of best point and shoot cameras under 200. Meanwhile, the camera gets its juice form four AA batteries. The price of this camera also makes it an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget.


  1. Zoom

The zoom range has been updated somewhat. The previous camera contained a 26x optic but the new model has a 28x optical zoom. This provides a focal range of 22.5 to 630 mm, which is equivalent to a 35mm. Nikon has a lens-shift vibration reduction that helps to reduce the unwanted effects of camera shake.

  1. Size

A key feature of the camera is that it’s somewhat compact based on the style of camera it is. In addition, the weight also isn’t sky-high based on the fact the camera gets its power from four AA batteries. In fact, the camera is quite easy to grip. That’s based on the rubberized hand grip, thick design, and thumb rest. Meanwhile, if you have big fingers the gap between the handgrip/lens barrel might be a bit narrow for you. It’s an issue you should consider and test out in order to determine if the camera is the right one for you.

  1. HD video

Meanwhile, the exterior of the L340 is very similar to the L330. It also has the exact same 20.2 megapixel CCD sensor with a maximum sensibility of ISO1600. The camera also includes HD video. You might be interested in collecting UHD video but it should be noted that the L340 can’t capture 1080-pixel resolution. This might be an issue for you to consider. It might be an issue for some people who definitely want to capture UHD video. However, for many consumers HD video has a high enough resolution. When that’s the case it’s not a major issue if the camera can’t capture HD video.

  1. Special Effects filters

This is one of the “fun” features of the camera that you should consider. When selecting a point and shoot camera this might be one of the key features you’re looking for. If that’s the case then this Nikon camera might not be the best option for you. However, it’s also important to note that the lower price of the camera means that you shouldn’t expect a lot of bells and whistles.

  1. Portrait Mode

What’s this mode about? It softens skin and also warns the camera user if the subject blinks. These are great features that can make your picture-taking more effective. It’s actually one of the best features of the camera. It should be noted that this Nikon camera doesn’t include tons of fun features. However, the Portrait Mode is definitely one of the best ones and makes the camera worth considering if you take a lot of pics of your friends and family. In that case it’s important to select a camera with these types of features.

  1. Scene-detecting Mode

This is a key feature of the camera. It can help to optimize the quality of your images in various situations.  The feature detects the scenes automatically so you won’t have to make a lot of manual adjustments to the camera when operating it. This is certainly one of the main features of the camera and is one you should consider when comparing different cameras.

This feature is especially valuable if you take pictures in a wide range of environments. In that case it’s a plus when the camera can make adjustments automatically in terms of issues like light, zoom, and others when you snap the photo. This is one of the key features of the camera so it’s one you should certainly take up when comparing the unit with other cameras on the market.


  • Optical Zoom
  • Portrait Mode
  • MP sensor


  • Few fun features



#4. Samsung WB350F

This camera is an excellent option if you’re a fan of picture sharing. That’s due to the Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. The unit includes Samsung’s Tag & Go tech. This camera can connect to smartphones by touching the 2 devices. Then people have access to several features that make it fun/easy to share images. Samsung takes the place for the best point and shoot camera under 200 with this amazing Point & Shoot camera.

The unit includes many features. There’s the Photo Beam feature that transfers pics viewed on the digital camera to a  smartphone. Auto Share backs up images automatically when they’re taken. Mobile Link gives people the ability to pick which shots they copy to their phone, which makes it easier to organize the camera’s content. Remote Viewfinder uses smartphones to control the camera. This allows people to have more freedom shooting pics.


  1. Samsung Link

This feature lets you link your camera through wireless connectivity to other devices that Samsung Link has been enabled on. You can then share photos/videos or even upload them to whatever web storage service you use. This is definitely one of the best features of the camera and another reason you should consider picking it over other options in the price range.

  1. Full HD Video

A major feature of this camera is you can capture video a full HD resolution or 1080-pixels. You can also record for longer times than other cameras. This is certainly one of the key features of the unit.

  1. AutoShare

If you want to share images in real time then this is certainly one of the main features of this camera. It allows you to save instantly through NFC. You can save to a tablet or smartphone as you shoot the images. That’s through a Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. This feature lets you back up/share photos from anywhere just so you have Wi-Fi connectivity.

  1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you want easy pic sharing then this is one of the key features of the camera you should consider. It makes it very easy to post images/photos and comments. That’s to various sites including Facebook, YouTube, and others. You also have the option to email pictures to family and friend or even use the camera’s Group Share function, which lets you use images to a maximum of 4 people at one time.

The camera also includes 2GB of Dropbox online storage. The storage capacity is 50 GB in the case you’re the owner of a Galaxy phone.

  1. 21x Zoom/Wide-Angle Lens

These are both key features of the camera. The camera lets you capture any moment and how you recall seeing the environment. That’s true whether the subject is near or very far away. You can snap a field of flowers that seem to go on forever, a mural on the side of a particular building, and so on. The camera includes a 23 mm wide-angle lens and also a 21x optical zoom. These two features can help you take better photos whenever you use this camera.

  1. 3-inch Hybrid Touch Display

The back of the camera includes a bright 3 –inch LCD display. This allows you to create/review your photos easily. The camera’s display includes a hybrid user interface for 5-way button in the case you want menu navigation, or old-school controls if you like touch controls instead.

  1. 16.3 MP CMOS sensor

The camera includes a 16.3 MP backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor. This requires less light for correct exposure and faster focus than standard sensors. It allows user to snap images that are correctly exposed in low-light environments.


  • Easy to use
  • Display




#5. Canon PowerShot SX410 IS

This camera includes all kind of high-end Canon that makes it easy to take the best shots ever. The powerful 40x Optical Zoom and 24 mm Wide-Angle lens provide incredible versatility. You can capture zoom and wide landscapes for outstanding close-ups  that will amaze you.

You can achieve this with clear quality due to the Intelligent IS and Optical Image Stabilizer from Canon. The camera’s 20 megapixel seniors as well as DIGIC 4+ Image Processor can help to produce crisp images and lovely natural images.

This best point and shoot camera under 200 also provides incredible videos as well. As you have to do is press down the Movie button in order to record 720-pixel HD video. In fact, you can even zoom in/out when you capture images. You can use the Smart AUTO that selects correct settings. Thus, the images/video looks amazing in various types of shooting situations.

This camera also lets you get more creative with various Fun Scene Modes including Toy Camera Effect, Fisheye Effect, and Monochrome. You can also see/share it on the camera’s large and clear 3-inch LCD that contains a wide viewing angle. If you’re looking for a camera that’s flexible and contains tons of value then this is certainly an excellent option.


  1. Intelligence IS

PowerShot cameras are excellent for capturing clear and steady images. That’s even when there’s low light and you’re not using a tripod. The reason is the camera includes Canon’s Intelligent IS. The system can analyze camera movement automatically and then apply the most effective shake-correction method for a particular situation. This lets you focus on framing/capturing the picture.

In the case of stills the camera’s system picks Normal IS, Tripod, and Macro modes. Then when picking video the camera’s system picks from Macro IS, Dynamic IS, and Active Tripod IS modes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shooing images or video because the image stabilization mode is marked with new icons.

  1. 20 MP Image Sensor

This camera includes a 20 MP CCO sensor. It provides you with excellent images with bright colors and fine detail. The camera’s high resolution can provide excellent image quality. That is even true when you’re making big prints or cropping.

  1. Smart AUTO

This is a complex Canon tech that helps you get an incredible shot by simply pressing the camera’s shutter button. It then detects automatically scenes by evaluating different factors in the subject and background. Scenes that are detected are analyzed via pre-defined shooting scenarios. Then the camera uses optimal settings in order to produce the best image capture. That’s true whether you’re shooting images/video. Just frame your pic and snap it.

  1. HD Video

The camera also lets you capture 720-pixel HD video up to 25 fps and with very clear sound. This gives you the ability to capture HD video using your compact digital camera instead of using an expensive unit. This is a plus and one of the reasons you should consider this camera over other options since it’s a very cost-effective option versus other units on the market.

  1. 40X Optical Zoom

After you start using this camera you’ll wonder why you hadn’t used it sooner. The camera’s 40X Optical Zoom lens has a range from 24mm to 960mm. This allows you to capture people from far away and even capture their facial expressions. The camera’s Wide Angle lens provides excellent pics of group portraits and landscapes. Then there’s the Optical Image Stabilizer. This helps to make sure you get clear and images free of noise even when you’re zooming in on images far away.

  1. DIGIC 4+ Image Processor

This powerful process is critical for the unit’s functions/capabilities. This helps to produce fast/responsive performance for an experience that natural/easy. The processor improves image quality. In fact, the processing of shots that are high ISO has been decreased by around 60% compared to the company’s DIGIC 4 Image Processor. This greatly lowers noise for smooth gradations, bright color, and lovely detail in low lights as well. The efficiency of the processor also helps to boost the camera’s battery life.


  • Value
  • Processor
  • Optical Zoom


  • Focus



#6. Canon PowerShot ELPH 180

This best point and shoot camera under 200 is an excellent option if you want to capture life’s best movements in full HD video. There’s also smart auto that helps you pick the right settings. This camera provides a basic yet effective way to capture the best moments with your friends and family. This camera is a slim and stylish unit that includes many features that are very easy to use. This helps to capture pics that are incredible. There are many key features included on this camera including Optical Zoom, 20 MP CCD sensor w/ DIGIC 4+ Image Processor, HD video, Digital IS, and others. The camera includes tons of features that make it worthwhile.


  1. 20 MP sensor

The camera’s 20MP sensor provides clear and rich images with the details and textures being reproduced amazingly even when they’re at the end of the zoom’s range. This high-end resolution can be effective for various applications like big prints. It also provides flexibility to crop/blow up any part of an image in order to provide more creativity.

  1. Smart AUTO

Here’s another key feature you should consider with this camera. In fact, by pressing the camera’s shutter button you can capture amazing images. How is it possible? The camera’s Smart AUTO detects scenes automatically. That’s done by evaluating different factors in the background/subject. It then uses various shooting situations to analyze them.

Here’s what happens next. The camera uses optimum settings in order to capture incredible images. That’s true for both images and video. Smart AUTO lets you frame your images then start capturing them.

  1. Optical Image Stabilizer

This is a key feature because it allows you to snap pictures with ease and flexibility. The camera contains an 8X Optical Zoom so shots are easier. There’s tons of flexibility provided with the wide shooting range. Of 28 mm to 224 mm. another plus is a wide-angle lens also helps to capture a wide image during each image. This helps to add perspective, depth, etc. All types of subjects like people, cities, scenes, etc. look better due to the more width. The images are clear and bright regardless of the subject you snap.

  1. HD Video

If you’re a fan of HD video then this is a camera you should definitely consider. You can shoot high video at any time. All you have to do is press down the movie button in order to record videos at 720-pixel resolution. You can produce clear and smooth videos, which can be helpful when you want to capture some of the most important moments in life. One of the drawbacks of the camera is that it doesn’t include UHD video. However, it’s still an excellent option for capturing HD video.

  1. Digital IS

Here’s another key feature of the camera you should consider. This helps lower the effects of subject movement and camera shake. There are times when your hands move a bit when taking a photo. This can also happen at night when you zoom in too close. In fact, a small shudder can also make a photo blurry. The camera’s Digital IS electronically analyzes images. It removes the fuzzy edges and blurs to make sure you end up with a clear image. The key is the camera is effective in making sure the image you snap is as crisp and clear as possible, in order to get the best results.

  1. DIGIC 4+ Image Processor

The camera’s processor includes an accelerated processing speed. This helps to provide fast/responsive performance. As a result you’ll have a fast/natural shooting experience that’s definitely a plus. The processor can improve the quality of your images in many ways. The processing of ISO shots that are high have been decreased by a maximum of 60% versus the previous processor. This helps to lower noise. The result lovely detail and brilliant color even when there are low light levels. Meanwhile, the battery life of the camera is also boosted by the high efficiency of the processor.


  • Intuitive design
  • Starter camera
  • Quality images/video
  • Easy to use




#7. Sony CyberShot DSC WX220

Sony is a Japanese multi-national conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo. Last year it was ranked #113 on the Fortune Global 500. Sony Corporation is the company’s electronics business unit and the Sony Group’s parent company. It conducts business via the four operating components. Sony was founded in 1946 following WW2 as an electronic shop located in a Tokyo department store.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 is a very compact camera that has both high style and performance. This best point and shoot camera under 200 can fit in a small space but also includes a powerful 18.2 megapixel sensor that has a maximum ISO03200 sensitivity. It also includes a powerful BIONZ X  processor.

Optical zoom is a key today for the majority of smartphone cameras. This camera from Sony includes a 10x lens and 25-250mm zoom range. This provides sharp shots in the entire zoom range and also in low light.  Another plus of this camera is tons of features. That includes full HD video, 13 effect filters, Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, etc. This allows you to transfer images without dealing with any wires and remotely control the camera. Yet another major benefit of the camera.


  1. Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilization

This helps to compensate for any camera shake that happens in order to provide an image that’s clearer. This is important in low-light environments or when you’re using long focal lengths. This option is especially helpful when you’re using long focal lengths or shooting images in low light. Active Mode from Sony provides image stabilization by combining electronic/optical stabilization. It results in less blurring when you capture videos when moving.

  1. 18.2 MP resolution

This is another plus of the camera and provides images that are sharp and clear. It will help to prevent the chance of missing images. This is definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid when you’re snapping photos whether it’s indoor o outdoors.

  1. Motionshot Video

This allows you to view subject movement in a single image. Video has become more popular than ever in the world of digital cameras so it’s certainly a key feature of the camera that makes it one you should consider when shopping for a camera.

  1. Sweep Panorama

This uses motion compensation so it helps to lower the blur that results when the foreground has moving figures. When you use your camera you’ll certainly one of the minimize the amount of blur that exists in the picture. That’s why this is one of the most important features of this camera and makes it a good option if you’re looking for a point and shoot camera.

  1. Smartphone Remote App

Apps have become more important for today for today’s gadgets like digital cameras so it’s clearly one of the best features of this camera. Make sure to learn about all the different features the app provides so you can get the best results.

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi

Sharing images is one of the most important features of today’s gadgets. This Sony camera includes built-in Wi-Fi so you’ll be able to connect to the web without needing any wires. This is a major benefit of the camera since you won’t have to deal with a bird’s nest of wires. Instead it will be easier for you to share any images/video with your friends and family. It’s clearly one of the best features of the camera and will allow you to connect to the web virtually anywhere.

  1. 10 frames per second

This makes the camera an excellent option when picking a camera. It’s important because it means you can take tons of shots at one time. It’s certainly one of the main features of the camera and makes it worth considering if you’re in the market for a camera.


  • Features
  • Sports photography
  • Affordable price
  • Low-light images




When you’re in the market for the best point and shoot camera under 200 it can be tough to find the best option for your particular needs. However, the above-mentioned models can help to put you on the right track and find the perfect camera for your situation.


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