Best Point and Shoot Camera under $300 – Choose the best

Are you looking for an affordable point and shoot camera? If that’s the case then one of the issues you should take up is the price range of the camera. If you want a rock-bottom price with a decent amount of features then the solution is the best point and shoot camera under 300.

What to Look for in a best Point and Shoot Camera under 300:

Before you start shopping for a point and shoot camera make sure to know some of the basic factors you should consider in order to get the best results. Here are some of the top ones:

  1. Megapixels

This is a big issue today with high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (UHD) becoming more standard for cameras and camcorders. The number of megapixels a camera has is one of the first factors many shoppers of point-and-shoot cameras consider. However, the issue is a somewhat complex one that involves several factors.

For example, besides the number of megapixels you should definitely consider the sensor size as well. In fact, this issue is arguably more important than the camera’s resolution so make sure to consider the issue when looking for a new point-and-shoot camera in order to get the best results.

  1. Budget

This is one of the most important factors to take up when picking a camera. The under-$300 price range provides a lot of flexibility since it’s higher than rock-bottom prices under $100 but offers more value in terms of issues like quality and features. There’s still some leeway in this price range so it’s critical to set a budget to make sure you’re not spending more money than you can realistically afford.

The good news is an under-$300 is quite affordable so you could spend a little more money than you’ve budgeted for the point-and-shoot camera. What’s critical is spending a lot more than you’ve budgeted and affecting the ability to cover your monthly expenses.

  1. Applications

Point-and-shoot cameras can be used for just about any type of photography. However, you should certainly think about the main applications that you’ll be using. For example, cookouts, sporting events, and outdoor trips are just some of the different applications you might use the camera for. They involve different factors like stationary/moving subjects, lighting, etc. If you start with the main applications for the camera then you’ll be well on your way to picking the right unit.

  1. Zoom

This is another important issue to take up when you’re in the market for some best point and shoot camera under 300. Today’s models include zoom of 10x, 20x, or higher. More zoom means more flexibility. That said, you should consider the type of photography you’ll generally be doing. In the case of portrait pictures it’s not a major factor but if you plan on snapping lots of landscapes then zoom is an important factor to consider when shopping for a point-and-shoot camera.

When searching for a point-and-shoot camera it’s critical to consider “optical zoom.” This differs from digital zoom that just makes the pixels of your image bigger and results in images with lower quality. So if you’re concerned about image quality you might want to consider picking a higher-end camera but just keep in mind it will also have a higher price tag.

  1. Upgrades

When buying a new camera you should consider the types of upgrades you’d like to make to the unit. If you just want to snap some pictures during special event with friends or family then a basic under-$300 point-and-shoot camera is probably enough. However, if you want to take photographs as a hobby then you should probably consider a higher-end camera instead. If you’re a novice photographer then a basic camera is good enough for starting out then you could consider upgrading in the future.

  1. Sensor

The sensor size of the camera is also an important issue to take up when picking a point-and-shoot camera. It’s the camera’s “film.” Old-school cameras used 35mm film and today’s “full-frame” cameras have sensors that with a width of 35mm. These types of cameras have high price tags but you should still consider the sensor size of a camera since it will affect the image’s quality. Keep in mind that there aren’t a lot of standard sensor sizes of point-and-shoot cameras so it’s important to do some research before deciding if you should pick a certain model.


Best point and shoot cameras under $300:

#1. Canon SX530-CR

This compact camera includes features like built -in flash, 4X Digital and 200x Combined Zoom

This is one of the main features of the best point and shoot camera under 300 and helps you to produce the best images possible when using the camera. It’s always a plus when the camera has a zoom with a wide range.


  1. 16 megapixels

When picking a camera this is one of the most important factors to consider in terms of issues like the image’s crispness and clarity. There are other issues to consider including the sensor size so you shouldn’t just factor in the megapixels of the camera. It’s still an important issue to take up when comparing various cameras and it makes this unit a good option.

  1. Design

There are some designs factors that make this camera seem like a small DSLR. However, there’s no detachable lens and it also doesn’t have an electronic viewfinder.  This is an excellent option if you’re searching for a compact camera and is one you should definitely consider in terms of factors like the features it offers and other issues.

The top plate includes the power button, mode dial, shutter release, and control wheel. This allows you to easily access these controls and makes the camera more convenient. This is an important issue to consider when picking a compact camera. The shutter/zoom control are at the top-front of the handgrip. The size requires you to curl the index finger back so you can operate them effectively. The control wheel changes the aperture/shutter speed in the priority modes. You can also pick the option of full manual shooting.

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi

Another feature of their camera is built-in Wi-Fi. An NFC sensor is also located on the left side of the camera’s body. If you have a device without NFC like iPhone you can still pair it up with this camera.  You can use Wi-Fi to connect it to your phone. Then just use the Camera Connect app for iOS/Android. The app makes it easier to copy images to your phone/tablet for editing and sharing so this is a great feature.

  1. Rear Controls

On the right side of the thumb grip there are controls. There’s a button for recording videos and also a button for exposure compensation. Then on the back under the thumb grip there’s a 4-way controllers that includes direct controls for flash output, ISO, information display, and focus mode. There’s also a Func/Set button. There are also buttons on the rear controls including playback, Menu, and Wi-Fi. The Func/Set button provides other shooting settings including drive mode and white balance. All of these features will help you to take better pictures.

  1. Lens Barrel Buttons

There are two buttons located on the left side of the lens barrel. The top one is the Framing Assist function In the case that you lose the subject when you’re zooming in you have the option to press the button and hold it down in order to widen the lens’ field of view. Then  when you release the button it returns the camera lens to that particular zoom position. When you press the button but don’t hold it down you can pick a face, upper/full body. Then the lens will zoom automatically to frame the portrait.

The lower button switches on the focus lock system. That works with lens stabilization. In the case you’re tracking a moving object then holding down the button will result in shifting the lens elements so it stays in the frame. This is a key feature when you’re tracking flying birds.


  • Value
  • Durability
  • Ease of use





#2. Nikon COOLPIX L32

If you’re looking for a compact camera that makes it easy to take great shots this is one of the best options. It’s a slim/stylish camera. The camera’s 3.0-inch LCD makes it easy to frame/review shots. There’s also the Smart Portrait feature that provides incredible selfies and pictures of family, friends, and pets. You can also use this best point and shoot camera under 300 to record 720-pixel HD video that includes sound. While you’re recording you can use the camera’s Vibration Reduction feature to help keep your shots crisp and steady.


  1. Smart Portrait System

This feature of the camera makes it a cinch to take selfies or photos of friends, family, and pets. Selfies in particular have become one of the most popular types of photos taken so it’s important to look for a camera that can take quality ones. However, there are times you’ll want to take pics of other people and pets so this is certainly a key feature.

  1. Simple menus

This Nikon camera includes basic menus that makes it easier to take photos or record video. You won’t have to deal with any dials or switches before you do that. For example, if you’re recording a video you just have to press the Movie Record button. It couldn’t be easier! Then when you want to add some fun effects you can use the camera’s menu system to make the process a piece of cake.

  1. Image Effects

Today’s camera shoppers are looking for different fun features included on cameras. That’s why you should consider this camera from Nikon. You can view them on the big 3-inch LCD screen of the camera. You can use your favorite image effects then share them with your friends and family. This will make it even more fun to use the camera and will add more value. Your friends and family will be amazed at the pictures and videos you produce.

  1. Vibration Reduction

This helps to keep your videos as steady as possible when you record them. It’s definitely one of the top features of the camera. There’s a wide variety of factors that can cause vibration when filming a video including a shaky hand, inclement weather, and others. In these situations it can be tough to keep your hands steady but this feature of the camera can help you achieve that goal and make the best videos possible.

  1. No charging

Another key feature of this camera is it gets its juice from AA batteries. You could use rechargeable batteries in order to save money. However, as long as you keep a fresh group fully charged you won’t have to wait hours for a camera battery to charge. That can be a hassle and is likely a situation you’ll want to avoid since it can boost your down-time and affect your ability to capture the best photos and videos.

  1. Ease of Use

This is easily one of the best features of the unit. You can take amazing photos and make quality video using the camera. This is one of the main features of any compact camera you should look for. Since it’s a point and shoot camera by definition it’s easier to operate than units that are pricier and more complex units. When operating such cameras you’ll certainly want them to be as convenient as possible.

  1. Movie Record button

HD video has become more popular than ever so this is definitely one of the top features of the camera. You can capture videos that include sound, which you can share with your friends and family. In fact, it’s as simple as pressing the Movie Record button and makes it a piece of cake to produce incredible videos.


  • Value


  • No manual




#3. Olympus PEN E-PL6

If you’re looking for a quality compact camera then this is an excellent option. That’s because it provides features like bright colors and outstanding detail. This best point and shoot camera under 300 includes features like a 16-megapixel Sensor and quality processor. The camera can take crisp and clear image sin low light. You can also include other features like Art Filters, Effects and full HD video to improve the images/video you capture. In fact, this camera includes all the various features you need to improve your photos and take it to another level.


  1. Compact

One of the main benefits of this camera is its light and compact. This makes it easier to take with you when you’re taking photos outdoors or in different environments. However, the camera is also a powerful one and includes all the features you need to take high-quality pictures.

  1. Design

The camera might seem like a basic point and shoot camera. However, the camera with its M.QUIKO lens can provide excellent images and provide owners with many options in order to take better pictures. The body is basic yet elegant.

  1. Front

There’s only one button on the front and it’s used to change lenses. Meanwhile, the top of the camera includes a bright LED and On/OFF button that shows when the camera is read to be used. There’s also a shutter release.

  1. Back

The back of the unit includes a tilting screen and the rest of the Olympus camera’s interface. There’s a rubberized rest that provides a high level of grip and also make it easier to operate the camera.

  1. Viewfinder

The camera includes a quality viewfinder that makes it easier to snap photos, which is another reason to consider this camera. It includes an Olympus VF-4 electronic viewfinder that makes it easier for people who want to bring the camera to their eye.

  1. Zoom

The camera’s zoom retracts and has a lock switch so it won’t accidentally retract while zooming towards the end of the zoom range.

  1. Image stabilization

This is definitely one of the most important features to consider when picking a compact point and shoot camera and it’s one of the main features of this camera. It uses a 3-axis system. This work effectively and you won’t have to worry that it doesn’t include a more complex 5-axis system. What’s important is it helps to ensure that image stabilization is provided effectively, which improves the quality of your images.

  1. Autofocus

This is eon of the top features of this unit. The company includes frequency acceleration sensor technology (FAST) system. This makes focusing very fast when it’s combined with the basic Olympus lens. The camera’s autofocus feature is definitely one of the most important ones and makes the unit worth considering over other options.


  • Value





#4. Olympus TG-870

Olympus is a Japanese corporation that’s existed for nearly a century since its founding in October 1919. The company sells a wide variety of best point and shoot cameras under 300.

This is a tough and flexible camera if you’re looking for one that can capture great images either indoors or outdoors. It’s important to pick a rugged camera when you want to take outdoor photos so this is an excellent option whether you’re snapping photos during the day or night. It’s waterproof up to 15 feet (15 m), rust-proof, and shockproof up to 7 feet. The Olympus camera also includes  built-in Wi-Fi as well as GPs so you can stay connected while using the unit.


  1. Programmable Front Button

You can program the front button so you can trip the camera’s shutter or being video recording. This is very helpful for snapping selfies and POV video. It can also be programmed to switch on LCD Boost to brighten the screen. There are other factors including activating Super Macro Mode when you want close-up shots, or switch on the LED light as a flashlight of sorts.

  1. 180-degree LCD Monitor

This makes it easier to take all kinds of pictures including concerts, selfies, underwater, etc. The 180-degree flip LCD allows you to take shots from all angles. You can adjust the positioning and brightness of the display to make the unit perfect for outdoor/underwater use.

  1. Live Composite Mode

This is a great feature for shooting night scenes, star trails, and cityscapes. They can be tough to capture but easier with Composite Mode. This is the solution that pulls brightness areas from a series of interval shots. It combines them automatically into one image.

  1. GPS

The camera includes game-changing GPS that will help to prevent you from getting lost when using the camera. The unit uses 3 satellite systems in less than 10 seconds in order to find out your current location. There’s also the Olympus Image Track app so you can tag pics with some GPS data when you use a smart device to share your images.

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi

Here’s another key feature of this Olympus camera. This makes it easier to shoot and share images regardless of where you are. You can use the 100% free Image Share app and QR code setup to quickly connect your smartphone or tablet for wireless uploading/sharing of images. You can also enjoy other remote features like change camera settings, compose shots, and snap remotely. These are some of the main benefits you can experience by using the camera’s app.

  1. Creative Shooting modes

The camera includes special Creating Shooting modes to improve the quality of your snaps. For example, there’s the Selfie Mode that helps you take great selfies by compensating for distortion. There’s also 13 Art Filters like Grainy Film and Pin Hole that add some professional effects to any shots you make using the camera. Another option is Panorama Mode that lets you take pictures of wide-angle scenes or landscapes.

  1. Sportcam Video Modes

Here’s another major feature of the Olympus camera. This makes it easy to capture exciting action when watching your favorite sports event. The 60-pixel Movie mood captures full HD video. Then there’s High-Speed Movie that’s used for super slow-motion videos at 120/240 fps. Another mode you could use when capturing sports events is Time Lapse Movie, which compresses multiple hours of action into short sequences. Finally, there’s Sport Burst that shoot a series of specific time intervals. All of these options are great for indoor or outdoor sporting events and help to add value to the camera.


  • Waterproof


  • Menus
  • Audio




#5. Panasonic DMC-ZS40S

This is one best point and shoot cameras under 300 that includes a lot of features offered for more expensive cameras. In fact, the camera could also be considered as an advanced zoom camera. The only main difference is the small ½ 3-inch sensor. For example, some of the features that the unit includes like RAW shooting and Manual modes and control ring aren’t features that are usually included in compact zoom cameras. However, they’re very common in the case of advanced compact cameras. These various features provide the camera’s user with more control in the final images that are produced.

However, one of the big features is the lower price. The affordability of the camera makes it one worth considering versus other compact cameras on the market.


  1. 30x Optical Zoom

This is an excellent feature for cameras in this category. The zoom is paired up with an image stabilization system that’s a 5 axis hybrid. This helps to reduce shake from taking place at the end of the zoom. That’s definitely something you’ll want to avoid when snapping photos.

  1. Sensor

This is one of the weak points of the camera since it just includes a ½ 3-inch sensor. It’s the average for point and shoot cameras so it’s not rock-bottom compared to other units in the category. Meanwhile, it’s not a forte of the camera so it’s definitely an issue to consider when picking a compact camera. If it’s a key issue for you then you might want to consider another option instead.

  1. Compact

This is certainly one of the main features of this camera. It can provide you with an affordable camera you can use for basic photographer. The camera fits in your pocket or a small bag so it’s easy to tote with you whenever you want to snap photos. This is certainly one of the main features of the unit and is certainly a major factor if you want to avoid lugging around a bulky camera whether you’re snapping photos indoors or outdoors.

  1. Design

The ZS40S includes a basic look and feel that makes it a good option whether you to snap photos in your home or office or when you travel somewhere. It should be noted that it’s about one-third  bigger and somewhat heavier than the ZS30 from last year. However, it could be argued that the extra features make the bigger/heavier unit worthwhile in terms of value.

The layout of the unit hasn’t changed. It includes the same group of controls including:

  • Zoom toggle
  • Power switch
  • Microphones
  • Shutter release
  • Record button
  • Speaker
  • Mode dial

All of these features are included at the top of camera. Meanwhile, the back of the camera is standard for point and shoot units. There’s a command dial that also functions in setting selectors as well as 4 buttons with functions. The new EVE is the best new feature is the small yet functional EVE. This allows the user to frame even when they can’t view the rear LCD display.

  1. Price

One of the main benefits of this Panasonic camera is it’s a somewhat older model. As a result you can save some money by picking it over other options. If you want more features then you should expect to pay more for a compact camera.

  1. 10 frames per second

This is one of the plusses of the unit. The camera features 10 fps with full resolution. This is a great option for different applications like sports events when you’ll want to snap several events in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that it results in 6 photos at one time but Is still good performance for the camera category.



  • Compact
  • 30x Zoom Lens
  • GPS
  • Menus


  • 18 MP sensor




#6. Canon PowerShot SX420 IS

Here’s a great option if you’re looking for a best point and shoot camera under $300. Why should you consider it? The camera is an excellent option for different applications including party, vacation, selfie, and others. The camera includes many features including a 42x Optical Zoom and wide-angle lens. This camera can capture all the shots you need to take and you can share them easily due to the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi/NFC connectivity. This allows you to easily share your shots.

This camera can be used to take a wide variety of pictures that’s due features including the 20MP sensor and DIGIC 4+ Image Process. This helps to provide high-quality resolution and great natural images. You can also use this camera to make 720-pixel HD video by pressing one button. There’s also the Smart AUTO that picks the best camera settings to capture subjects in different situations. If you want to add some fun to your photography you can use special effects like Toy Camera, Fisheye, Monochrome and others.


  1. Intelligence IS

This feature analyzes the Nikon camera movement and also provides the right amount of shake correction for the particular shooting situation. When taking stills there are certain options like Macro IS, Panning IS, Normal IS, and Tripod modes. Meanwhile, when you shoot video there are options including Active Tripod IS, Macro IS, and Dynamic IS. The key benefit of this feature is that the camera’s user can focus on image capture, which produces effective Is settings so you can capture a steady image.

  1. 42X Optical Zoom

This lets you zoom from  24mm to 1008mm to take better pictures. This is a key feature as it will help to zoom in on subjects when you’re far away yet want to produce the best pictures possible. In fact the Optical Zoom lets you pick up movements/expressions from far away. Whether you’re snapping pictures of people or landscapes the Optical Image Stabilizer of the camera allows you to take clear and crisp images even when you’re far from the subject.

  1. Image Sync Function

This allows you to view/download images by using your smartphone. Then you can take your images with you and share them with friends and family using your smartphone. This is definitely a plus as it means you won’t have to bring your camera with you everywhere, which can be a hassle.

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi

This is definitely one of the top features of the camera and makes sharing images and photos very fast and easy. When you’re on the go it’s a piece of cake to share images with your family and friends. You can also post images to your favorite social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also save the images to your favorite online photo album. This allows you to share your picture anywhere at any time.

Another plus of the camera is it can connect to both iOS and Android devices including smartphones and tablets. This allows you to use the Canon Camera Connect app in order to upload images/videos even when you don’t have access to your desktop or laptop.

The camera’s Wi-Fi feature lets you share the most important events during your life with friends and family. There are times when you’ll want to do that even when they’re many miles away. You can achieve that goal with this feature of the Nikon camera.

The camera now includes a Wi-Fi Button, which lets you connect in Shooting/Playback modes so you can operate it quickly. You can use one button to switch on the camera and connect to the web. This makes it easier for you to start sharing and managing files.


  • Clear images
  • Portable
  • Focus


  • Features




#7. Nikon COOLPIX B500

This is the best point and shoot camera under 300 for several indoor and outdoor applications. The under-$300 price tag also makes it an excellent option for shoppers looking for a quality camera at an affordable price. For example, you can use the camera to capture full 1080-pixel videos. The unit includes several features including Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction, 16 MP light-low sensor, easy menus/controls, automatic operations and fun features. You can also use Bluetooth to connect your camera to smartphones wirelessly. This provides remote camera control and instant image sharing.


  1. 3-inch LCD

This camera includes a big tilting LCD display. This makes it a cinch to snap your shots and also monitor video recording. It can also be used to find new shooting angles. Each image/video looks incredible on the camera’s high resolution display and it’s easy to use for reviewing/sharing images.

  1. Warranty/Support

:The camera also includes a warranty and support. These are important features since they’ll help to improve your overall experience when using the camera. These are important issues when owning a point and shoot camera. For example, support is helpful if you have any questions about how to operate the camera including the different features that are available.

The warranty is also a critical feature of the camera. It will help to cover certain components so your investment is protected. This is important to make sure any repairs ore replacements that are needed during the warranty’s valid period are covered by the manufacturer. Make sure to read all the details so you’ll know what the warranty does and doesn’t cover.

  1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The camera connects to smartphones or tablets  through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. This helps to maintain a continuous connection between the camera’s app and your camera. This makes it easy to transfer photos to your tablet or smartphone so you can share and edit photos. You can also upload the images to your favorite social or photo-sharing sites. If you want to control the camera remotely you can also use the Snapbridge app to do that.

  1. Simple/Convenient shooting

Nikon’s camera is very easy to use. In fact, even if you’re new to snapping photos it’s easy to capture high-quality images/photos using the unit. Since it’s a point & shoot camera it’s by definition quite easy to operate. There’s also the Easy Auto Mode that will make snapping images even easier.

This helps to optimize the camera’s settings when you take each shot. That’s regardless of the situation you’re in when snapping the photo. This allows you to enjoy the photo moment when you capture it using your camera.

  1. 40x Optical Zoom

The unit’s 40x optical zoom provides you with tons of telephoto power. There’s also the Dynamic Fine Zoom that’s an enhanced digital zoom that doubles the zoom basically to 80x. The camera’s Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction (VR) helps to keep your shots steady, which is important when snapping at long distances. Another plus of the unit is the 16-megapixel CMOS sensor that helps to capture every detail when snapping photos.

  1. HD videos

The camera also includes full 1080-pixel videos with stereo sound. This camera is a very powerful video camera that allows you to film videos in full HD quality as well as stereo sound. If you want to take videos as steady as with tripods then enjoy the Hybrid Vibration Reduction (VR) to deal with any shaky situations.

You can convert basic videos into impressive fast-motion sequences. That’s via the Superlaps Movie feature that can be used for different applications like sports events, first-person perspectives, and video tours.


  • Value
  • Easy to learn





If you’re looking for a point and shoot camera you don’t have to spend a sky-high price to get lots of features and good value. For example, you could look for the best point and shoot cameras under 300. The above-mentioned models are units you should definitely consider if you want to find a basic camera that offers good quality and value without having an exorbitant price tag. As always it’s important to do your homework then shop around to make sure you’re getting the right camera at the right price.

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