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Mambo License Guidelines (revised)

Learn more about how Mambo is licensed and how this affects you.

Mambo is released under Version 2 of the GNU General Public license (GNU/GPL).The GNU/GPL provides for a person or persons to distribute Mambo for a fee, but not actually charging for the software itself, because Mambo is free.

Mambo is free to share and change, but if you do change it in anyway, can you also change the license and make it commercial? No! The whole GPL is devoted to ensuring this does not happen. Copyright, a much more refined and stringent law will prevent this as well.

So with regard to Mambo, the GPL and copyright:
You MAY distribute it and charge for that service. You MAY change it, add design and content to it and you MAY charge for that. You may NOT alter the license and you must NOT alter the copyright. You do NOT have to show a 'Powered by Mambo' graphic, as it not a copyright notice.

In other words, you must NOT pretend that Mambo is yours, and you must NOT charge people for Mambo. Use Mambo to empower yourself and your clients by taking away the 'Black Magic' that surrounds putting content on the internet. Charge for the value you add and not for the hard work that the Mambo Foundation, the Mambo Development Team and the Mambo community have put into it.

What is Mambo?

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Mambo is a full-featured content management system that can be used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Continue reading for a detailed feature list.

Is Mambo for me?

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Future of Mambo Development

Mambo Core Development Team and the Mambo Steering Committee released a Policy Statement outlining the plans for the future development of the Mambo Open Source Content Management System.

What is MamboXchange?

MamboXchange.com has been established as a free development and distribution environment for the Mambo community to host components, templates, plug-ins, modules and anything related to Mambo.