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Many people donate their time and effort to Mambo in different ways. If you would like to help the Mambo project but are unsure how, you can always make a cash contribution. Mambo Communities is an active contributor to the Mambo project and donations collected go towards sponsoring attendance at the various Expos around the world and other Mambo-related activities.

Recently Mambo Communities has contributed many tens of thousands of dollars towards the trade-marking of Mambo for the Mambo Foundation, sponsoring the Mambo on the Beach event held in Pattya Thailand, hosting the Mambo Foundation websites, covering the costs to represent Mambo at the Linux World expo in Sydney Australia (including flying out delegates from the Mambo Foundation) and covering the costs for a member of the Mambo Developer Team to represent Mambo at the Linux World expo in Boston USA.

Mambo Communities has always supported Mambo to help it to become the world’s most popular Open source content management system since it’s inception.

  • December 2004 - US$441
  • January 2005 - US$643
  • February 2005 - US$390
  • March 2005- US$141.49
  • April 2005- US$242