Quadcopter with camera – Mambo guide for the best drone 

Are you in the market for a new quadcopter? If so you might want to consider a quadcopter with camera. They can capture high definition (HD) video that’s then streamed to mobile devices. However, with so many models on the market, it can be tough to determine which unit you should purchase.

What to Look for in any quadcopter with camera:

  1. Spare batteries

It’s important to have some spare batteries if you’re going to do a lot of shooting. It will help to reduce your downtime for long flying sessions. If you’re going to do lots of shooting then it’s important to have enough juice. You should consider having one or two spare batteries depending on how much shooting time you’ll need.


  1. GPS

If you want to capture good shots pick a quadcopter that has GPS stabilization while the drone is hovering. When the drone is switched on it looks for the location of various GPS satellites. If around 6+ satellites are in range the quadcopter can use the info to determine its precise location. This allows for exact position monitoring/holding and provides safety features.

The GPS chip in the drone constantly sends data to the controller including its location and telemetry info like speed, altitude, and compass heading. The pilot has tons of flight info like on a commercial plane.

Another major benefit GPS provides is enhanced safety. That’s because the quadcopters are able to autonomously return to a set position. This could be necessary if the control signal is disrupted/lost or the battery level is low. This provides an extra level of safety and redundancy.


  1. FPV Screen

First-person view (FPV) provides precise camera control so they’re a good option. You could use another HD action camera like a GoPro as your FPV and lets you see what’s in the frame before you snap a shot or record video. The main problem is you’d have to deal with latency issues. The latency of 100-200 milliseconds might not be noticeable in general flying.

However, the speed is much too slow in the case of FPV racing drones. When your quadcopter with camera flies at 50 mph a small 100ms delay can result in your UAV flying around 1.7m before you get the video, which could make it tougher to avoid an obstacle. An FPV camera has a lower latency with standard FPV with standard FPV systems having a latency lower than 40 ms.


  1. Gimbal

A gimbal is a pivoted support that allows for the rotation of a particular object around one axis. In the case of quadcopters with camera the gimbal helps to keep the video camera stable and fixed. It aims at one direction regardless of whether the quadcopter is pitching forward, right, left, etc. either based on poor flying or bad weather conditions. If you want to take professional videos then it’s a key tool to have. They’re available at a wide range of price tags as high as $1,000.


  1. 4K Video

This is a new resolution standard that provides many advantages like the more detailed picture, higher image definition quality, bigger project surface visibility, and better fast-action. The name is based on the tech having about 4000 pixels horizontal. It differs from 70p and 1080p that’s a vertical resolution. The new resolution standard provides more than 4x more image definition than 1080p.


Some of the Quadcopters with Camera:

#1. Syma X11C Quadcopter

Pros of the Syma X11C:

  1. Packaging

The quadcopter is packaged with just about everything you’d need to get started. That includes the quadcopter with camera, battery, remote controller, charging cable, etc. However, the two AA batteries for the remote controller aren’t included.

  1. Body

The design of the quadcopter is basic with a plastic shell body, 4 plastic arms that extend to the propellers/motors, and a plastic ring to protect the propellers and particularly during indoor flying.

  1. Propellers

A key factor is a clone includes a built-in propeller. It seems it was designed for both indoors/outdoors flight. The propeller adds some weight but it does an excellent job at protecting the props from damage.

The propellers are geared, which is a factor that’s usually seen on larger quadcopters. It’s important for them to stay clean of debris but it shouldn’t be a major issue since they’re enclosed well.

  1. Value

The drone includes items that add value at its price point. That includes an SD card reader, SD card, and some extra propellers. These aren’t always available in this price range so it’s a plus that it’s available with the Syma.


Features of the Syma X11C quadcopter with camera:

  1. Controller

The remote control is somewhat large and is very close to an Xbox controller. The controller is often smaller on quadcopters of this size so it’s a plus that the Syma includes a full-sized unit.

  1. Camera

The quad includes an HD video camera. It’s very easy to shoot video using the camera. You just have to install the microSD card, then plug in the battery. The drone. Then you have to match the remote control to it and press the button on the left side of the quadcopter.

The video quality isn’t excellent. It’s actually about as good as other quadcopters in the same price range. There’s no stabilization so video footage will be shaky/buzzy and the image quality is very poor. The camera is still good enough for flying and filming. If the outdoor light is good enough you can capture some good shots. However, you shouldn’t expect to get the same results as other clones in higher price ranges.

  1. Battery

The battery requires about 40 minutes to juice up, which is about half the time stated in the manual. The manual says the quadcopter gets about 5 minutes of flying time on a single charge but it’s closer to 7-8 minutes based on time. The bundled USB charger makes charging easier. Since the batteries can be swapped out it’s a good idea to buy a few spares and have them charged up so you can have continuous flying.



  1. Power

The quadcopter has enough power and is quite responsive even at the low-sensitivity setting. It’s a good idea to move the sensitivity/aggressiveness to high since it will provide more control. You’ll also be able to do more complex maneuvers.

  1. Yaw

The Syma has a somewhat slow yaw. This is the movement that moves the quadcopter left or right like spinning around. This is a technical issue and probably wouldn’t be a problem for most people. Clone operators with more experience might want a faster yaw rate/variable rate based on how much they move the control stick.


Final Verdict: 4/5 stars

The Syma X11C is an excellent quadcopter with camera if you’re a beginner/intermediate flyer. There are several reasons. It provides video capability at a good price point, a good design and sturdy propeller guard. It also provides good stabilization so it’s very easy to fly. It’s important to note that the clone doesn’t provide amazing HD footage and since the camera is onboard it drains the battery and reduces flight time. However, it’s good enough if you’re just getting started with quads and aren’t ready to move to high-end models.

This quad model is fast, durable and fun with tons of features. You can also upgrade motors, batteries, and parts. This allows you to rebuild the clone even if it experiences major crashes. Extra batteries and a multi-charger give you the ability to fly non-stop.


#2. Tokky RC Quadcopter Drone with camera


  1. HD camera

This quad provides a first-person view (FPV) real time video in 720-pixel resolution. The quadcopter takes aerial photos/videos in the camera’s horizontally forward direction. You can get video streaming with an iOS or Android phone. This provides a lot of versatility since over 99% of the world’s phones run on the two platforms. So if you own an iOS or Android phone you can use it to receive full HD video from the quad.

  1. No FAA Registration

This is one of the top features of the quad. It doesn’t require registration with the FAA. So if you’re a quadcopter newbie or hobbyist it’s a great feature. It makes sense that FAA registration is required for many quads due to issues like security and safety. However, if you pick this quad you can avoid the hassles of going through that.

  1. Throttle Altitude limiter

This feature allows you to adjust how high the quad can fly using the altitude limiter settings that are located on the transmitter. This is based on your particular preferences. This is a great feature that prevents the quadcopter from flying off. It’s an excellent feature if you’re a beginner. This type of issue might be tougher to deal with if you’re new to flying drones.

  1. Headless Mode

This affects the quadcopter’s orientation in relation to the operator. It’s an excellent function when you can’t see the quadcopter. It’s important to note that the function is based on the user’s direction when they pair the model: One Key Return Home Function. You can activate this function easily by clicking a button. It will allow the drone to drive back to its launch site. It’s an excellent feature in terms of protecting your investment.

  1. Speed modes

There are 4-speed modes included with this quadcopter. They range from beginner to expert. So you’ll be able to operate the quadcopter at a speed that suits your expertise. This is a great feature since it can provide more flexibility. If you’re just getting started with quadcopters you could begin at the beginner level then move up to the next levels until you get to expert level. It’s definitely one of the top features of the unit.

  1. LED Lights

This makes it easy to track your quadcopter with camera during night flights. It’s a great feature since in theory, you could fly your quad at any time of the day. There are times when you might want to take the unit out for a spin at nighttime. It won’t be a problem with this unit due to the LED lights. This is easily one of the top features of the quadcopter since you won’t be limited to daytime flights.



  1. Remote Control Height

The range is 30 to 40 meters. Meanwhile, the distance is 50 to 80 meters. The video transmission range is around 20-30 meters.

  1. Battery

The battery provides 8-10 minutes of flying time and includes 2 batteries. This is a generally high amount of flying time compared to other models. It’s a good idea to invest in some spare batteries since it will allow you to enjoy the more uninterrupted flight. It’s a good investment to provide more value to your quad.

  1. Pilots aged 14+

The quad is designed for people aged at least 14 years old. It’s also important to read the instruction manual carefully so you’re operating the unit correctly. This is an important issue to avoid any possible safety issues, which is something you’ll want to do.


Final Verdict

If you’re just getting started with quadcopters this is a good option. It includes many basic features that can improve your flying experience.



#3. Hubsan X4 Quadcopter with camera


  1. Lightweight/Durable

These are two features that usually aren’t bundled in one quad. However, they’re both available in this quadcopter. So if you’re looking for a quad that’s durable yet not overly heavy this is a good option. The unit includes a lightweight airframe so this will improve the flying ability of the drone. However, it doesn’t compromise the area of durability.



  1. 6-axis flight control system

This feature includes adjustable gyroscope sensitivity. The stability of your quadcopter is important when operating a quadcopter. The overall flying experience is important when selecting a quadcopter so this is definitely one of the most critical factors to consider. It can certainly provide a key factor in maintaining stable flight when the drone is in flight.

  1. Control/Video Distance

The control distance is 50 to 100 meters and it’s important to know this figure so the quadcopter won’t go outside the control distance. After investing in a quad you’ll certainly want to protect your investment and that includes keeping it in sight. Meanwhile, the video distance is about 100 meters. This is also an important figure since it will determine whether or not you can capture videos from a certain distance.

  1. Video Preview

This is available on the transmitter and is one of the top features of the quadcopter. In fact, the video preview is in real-time so you see instantly the footage that the drone is capturing. It’s a key feature because you’ll know exactly what the quadcopter is “seeing” using its camera.

  1. Immersive FPV Flight

This is a great feature since it allows you to see in real time the video the quadcopter is capturing. This is a critical feature and provides a better experience for a first person view (FPV) flight gives you the ability to preview the video the drone is capturing.

  1. SD Card

Here’s another key feature of the quadcopter. You can record your flight video on SD Card then transfer it to your favorite device. This is a convenient way to capture video and is definitely one of the main features of the unit. There are times when you might want to capture video then transfer it to your PC, Mac, etc. You can do that with this drone due to the SD card.



  1. Battery

The battery is a 3.7V, 380 mAh lithium-po battery. There’s an auto cut-off safety PCB. This is a helpful feature since it helps to provide a higher level of safety when operating the battery. The battery also provides enough power to keep the unit airborne for a reasonable flight time. However, the issue of battery safety is also a key one since it helps to prevent issues like overheating.

The li-po battery is bundled with the quad so you won’t have to worry about purchasing another one. However, it’s always a good idea to invest in a spare battery since it will provide for extended flying times and reduce downtime. IT’s certainly a good investment since you can quickly swap out the drained battery and swap in the juiced up one.

However, it’s important to note that the 4 pieces of AA batteries for the transmitter aren’t included. You could invest in rechargeable batteries as a cost-effective and green option. It’s definitely worth considering making the investment since you won’t have to buy 4 new batteries each time the transmitter’s batteries are drained.

  1. 6 Axis Gyro Stabilization

This is another key feature to look for when comparing quadcopters with camera. The stabilization of the quadcopter is a critical issue to consider since it affects the drone’s overall flight. This is one of the main features of the unit and will provide a better experience when piloting the quadcopter.



Final Verdict: 3/5 stars

This quadcopter is durable and provides accurate control and steady flight. A weak point is a video so if that’s a key issue for you it would be a good idea to consider picking a different unit.



#4. DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter with camera


  1. Camera

There are a few downsides of the camera on this quadcopter. In particular, it can’t be removed or upgraded. This could be an issue for you if you want a better camera or want to remove it for repairs, for example. However, it’s important to note that it captures full HD video so these issues might not be major ones for you if pleased about the other features provided by the unit.



  1. 4K UHD

This is one of the best features and is a good option since the demand for HD and UHD video is increasing. As a result, this is definitely one of the top features of the model. That’s because it includes 4K video instead of standard HD resolution. This is a 4x better resolution so it’s definitely worth considering when looking for a new drone.

  1. 3-axis gimbal

It’s important for your quadcopter’s camera to have the ability to capture stable pictures. That’s why this is a key feature of the drone. You’ll not only be able to capture 4K video but also steady pictures with limited blur. That, in turn, will improve the overall quality of images/video the unit captures. In addition to the stability of the drone itself, another critical issue is the stability of the camera.

  1. Vision Positioning system

This is a key feature since it allows for stable indoor flight. It’s important for your quadcopter to have stability when flying in both indoor/outdoor environments so it’s a plus that this unit has the feature. It’s definitely a critical issue that can improve the operation of your flight indoors.

  1. microSD card

This is a great feature since you can enjoy full HD video in real-time. The digital streaming is an effective feature since it allows you to save your video to the microSD card. You could then transfer it to your favorite device. The storage of video is one of the most important issues besides the actual capturing. This is why it’s a critical issue when picking a quadcopter.

  1. DJI Pilot app

This app is for iOS and Android devices. It allows live viewing as well as complete camera control. The app can be used on smartphones and tablets. The app is sold separately so it’s an investment you’ll have to make before operating the quadcopter. However, it certainly adds value to your purchase and camera control via a mobile device. You can visit DJI’s website to learn about the compatible smartphone/tablet models for the app.

  1. Tutorial Videos

This is a great feature since you can learn all the basics about how to operate the quadcopter before you start using it. It’s definitely worth the time you spend since you’ll know all the logistics related to the drone’s operation. It will help to boost the amount of safety and fun you experience when flying the quadcopter.



  1. Battery/Remote

The quadcopter includes a flight battery and rechargeable remote. This allows you to fly the drone as soon as you get it, which is a plus over other units on the market. The battery and remote are two of the most important components of a UAV so it’s definitely a plus when the battery and remote are bundled with the unit. That prevents the need to spend extra time and money getting the unit ready for the first flight.

  1. Intelligent Flight Modes

This feature is found on the high-end models from the company. It’s a plus as it provides a better flying experience. It’s important to try them out so you can have more flexibility when using the quadcopter.


Final Verdict: 4/5 stars

The Phantom 3 has received rave reviews for the product itself. So it’s important to consider all the tech specs to see if they’re the ones you’re looking for in a quadcopter. On the other hand, many past customers have complained about bad after-sales support the company provides. In particular, they include response time about inquiries and warranties/guarantees. So it’s an important issue to consider before purchasing a quadcopter with camera.



#5. Eachine H8C Quadcopter


  1. MP built-in camera/card reader

These are important features and are critical for the capturing of video by the drone. It’s important to have a quality camera so the high-quality video is captured by the unit. The card reader is also important so it’s easy to transfer video to devices.

  1. 6-axis system

This allows you to hand-launch the quad. This provides strong stability and allows you to do various maneuvers easier. In fact, you can do different tricks at the same time so they won’t interfere with each other. The stability of your quad is one of the most important factors to consider before picking one. That’s why this is an important matter to take up.

  1. Durable

The quadcopter has a durable construction to provide an excellent flying experience. This is a key feature as you’ll want the drone to withstand various situations where it could be damaged. A major benefit of this quadcopter is that while it’s sturdy it’s also lightweight. As a result, you can enjoy both a strong yet lightweight structure so you’ll have 2x the value.



  1. 4 LED lights

If you want to fly your quad at night time this feature lets you do it more easily. You can see the unit as it moves in four different directions. So this is easily one of the top features of the quad. It won’t limit you to daytime flying.

  1. Headless Mode

This makes it great because you don’t have to adjust the position of the quadcopter before you start flying it. It’s always a plus when there are fewer issues you have to deal with when flying the UAV. That’s why this is one of the main features of the drone.  There’s just one key needed to return the quadcopter to its base so this is another great feature of the unit.

  1. Low voltage alarm

This is a feature that’s included on the controller via an indicator light. It’s important to know when your drone isn’t getting enough juice. It will help to prevent damage since you can safely land the UAV and add a fresh battery to the unit. This is definitely one of the top benefits of the quadcopter and makes it worth considering if you’re in the market for a new unit.



  1. Directional Functions

You can easily use the different functions of the quadcopter with camera to move it up/down, left/right, forward/backward, etc. There’s also a rolling 360-degree roll. All of these features improve the functionality of the quadcopter. The 360-degree roll is an impressive maneuver that’s great for showing off the drone to friends and family.

  1. Flight Time

This quad has a flight time of 6-8 minutes. It’s a mid-range flight duration on a single charge. It’s generally enough if you’re a newbie or intermediate level pilot. However, if you want more flight time than you might want to consider a different unit. It’s really a matter of how much flight time you want the unit to have and whether you’re willing to spend more.

  1. Charging Time

It takes about 40 minutes to juice up the quadcopter’s battery. This isn’t too major but you should probably consider having 1-2 spare batteries anyway so you can swap out the drained one and swap in a fresh one. It’s an added cost but can definitely improve the performance of your quadcopter.


Final Verdict: 3/5 stars

The drone has received high marks as an excellent option for drone novices. The main reason is it’s very easy to fly so it’s easy to pick up even if you’re new to drones. Another plus is the unit is ready to fly after you take it out of the box. This is a great feature since you won’t have to spend extra time and money preparing the unit. There are a few cons of the quadcopter including the camera placement since it faces downwards.


#6. USA Toyz UDI U8118A Quadcopter


  1. Strong Frame

The quadcopter includes a strong frame based on the elastic plastic frame. This protects the propeller when the drone I being flown. It also helps to prevent collisions, which could cause major damage to your drone. These are both situations you’ll certainly want to avoid when operating your drone.

  1. Extra battery

This drone includes an extra battery so you can get 2x the flight time when operating the quadcopter. That’s certainly a plus over other drones for sale that just include a single battery. When your battery is out of juice you probably won’t want to deal with waiting for it to recharge. That won’t be a problem with this quadcopter with camera.



  1. HD camera

You can take high-resolution images/video while the quadcopter is in flight. The camera is equipped with a 2MP camera and it can be upgraded to include 4GB MicroSD. A drone’s camera is certainly one of the most important features to consider in terms of the quality of footage it captures.

  1. Powerful Motors

This drone includes powerful motors that allow your quadcopter to fly longer and more efficiently. This is important when you want to have enough power to fly your drone for a sustained time period.

  1. Headless mode

This feature ends the difference between the direction of your transmitter and the drone. This makes it an excellent drone for newbies. There are several units on the market but not all of them are good options for novices. However, this unit is certainly one of the best options if that’s what you’re looking for.

  1. 6-axis gyro stability

This feature provides more stability, easy maneuverability, and strong wind resistance. These are all features that can improve the general flying of the unit. The stability of the quadcopter is important so it’s critical to make sure that the stability is high-end in order to get the best results. Not all drones have this 6-axis gyro stability feature so it’s definitely a plus over other units.

  1. No FAA registration

Here’s a key feature of the quad. You won’t have to deal with the hassles of FAA registration. This is certainly a valuable regulation that’s needed to provide added security in particular. However, it’s still a major benefit when you don’t have to go through the process of registering your drone with the FAA.

  1. LED lights

This is a great feature since you can fly your quadcopter at night time as well. It can be tough to track the UAV at night and even around dusk/dawn. However, since this unit contains LED lights it won’t be a problem.

  1. Flexible Controller

The quadcopter includes a 4-channel controller. It includes an LCD screen that shows full flight status. You can also operate 2 joysticks in any direction. This is a plus since it provides the pilot with better control of the drones, which is important to provide the best experience for customers.


  1. 360-degree flips/tricks

This quadcopter can do amazing stunts. You can do various 3D tricks to impress friends and family by just pressing a single button. This makes it a cinch to impress everyone you know. It’s certainly one of the top features of the unit. You can still do normal flying but if you want to provide people with a wow factor then this is certainly a feature you’ll want to have.


Final Verdict: 4/5 stars

One of the main features of this unit is that it’s bundled with two batteries. If you bring a portable charger with you then you’ll have the ability to fly your quadcopter for hours. The unit has also received high marks for issues like customer service and the overall quality of the quad.



#7. Tekstra Hubsan X4 H107C quadcopter with camera


  1. Compact

The unit is palm-sized and is only 5-inches in size. This allows the drone to fly just about anywhere. It’s definitely one of the top features of the unit since it provides more versatility. Larger quadcopters don’t have this ability so it can be a hassle when you can’t maneuver the quadcopter in certain areas. That provides less flexibility and negatively affects your flying experience.


  1. 720-p camera

This allows you to capture full HD video, which is basically an industry standard now for resolution. This will help to make sure your video and images are crisp and clear, which is important when capturing stills/images.

  1. 6-axis flight control system

Here’s another key factor since it helps to maintain stability when flying the quad. The stability of the quad is one of the most important factors since it affects the overall quality of your flight sessions. That’s why the 6-axis flight control system is a major plus.

  1. No FAA registration

Here’s another key benefit of the quadcopter. It can be a hassle to deal with FAA registration. It’s understandable that it’s often required for logistical and safety issues. However, it’s also a plus when you don’t have to deal with the issue and can start flying the drone immediately. That’s the case with this unit.



  1. Flight time: 7 min.

The maximum flight time is about 7 minutes. It’s not the best figure for quads but it’s good enough for most applications. It’s definitely enough if you’re just getting started with quadcopters and want to have a steep learning curve. In that case, it’s more about practicing basic flying skills and you’ll need shorter sessions than when your expertise level becomes advanced. This is definitely one of the main features of the unit.

  1. Aerial stunts/flips

This allows you to amaze your friends and family by doing various tricks while flying the drone. You’ll definitely want to master the basics first before you start learning them. However, once you’re ready you can start doing them with this quadcopter.

  1. Fully Assembled

The unit is ready to fly. It’s fully assembled so you won’t have to spend time and effort preparing the quadcopter for flight. Not only that but all the important components are also bundled with the drone so you won’t have to spend extra money preparing the unit for flight. That’s probably a situation you’ll want to avoid after making your purchase.


Final Verdict: 3.5/5 stars

The drone has received generally good reviews. There are some issues though like when you add throttle it drifts and keeps doing that. It’s highly recommended that you read the manual first so you’ll be able to control the quadcopter better. However, the unit has also received some low marks for things like video quality. Some owners have shared that it’s a well starter quad and since it crashes a lot you won’t be out a ton of money and you can also upgrade to a larger quad.

This information can help you pick among the quadcopters with the camera.

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