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3 Best Adult Web Hosting Companies for Hosting for XXX Websites

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When you hear “Adult Web Hosting” you probably think of nudity and sex, and that’s a good chunk of it, but there are plenty of other adult topics that aren’t necessarily suitable for minors to view or read, and topics that, while legal, may still run afoul of the terms and conditions of many popular mainstreaming hosting companies.

If you’re a webcam model looking to secure your place on the internet, or you’re looking to spin up your very own Tube site and go for the moon, the last thing you want to worry about is that lingering possibility of waking up one morning and finding that your site has been shut down for a terms of service violation.

That can end up costing you time, money, and aggravation that far exceeds your monthly hosting bill, so saving a dollar or two isn’t really worth it.

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There are also plenty of Adult Novelty sites that include some of the biggest websites in the world that generate Millions of dollars a year of profits for their owners. The last thing these web masters want is their adult toy store to get shutdown due to a Host not approving their Products and/or content. Examples include, Adam and Eve, KliXXX and ErosLove that sell all sorts of Adult Toys and more have hosting accounts that need 100% up-time for their sales and services.

Now, you may be just fine flying under the radar on any regular host for quite a while, but all it takes is one employee and their own loose interpretation of what’s allowed and what you’re doing to get you shut down, at least temporarily – even sites like Tumblr that showcase adult toys end up hiding Adult oriented content from viewers.

Not only that, but some of your pics or videos could get featured on a popular site, and all of a sudden you’re getting piles of unexpected traffic – that’s when you REALLY need a host that’s got your back!

Here's the Top Adult Web Hosting Companies of 2018:


This brand was founded in the early 2000’s, and is still kicking, which is always a good sign. They mostly offer hosting for adult websites and won’t bat at eye at something a little more explicit or risqué.

They have a variety of server types that you can use ranging from Virtual servers, Dedicated servers, and more. They don’t have any steep setup fees, and their virtual plans are surprisingly affordable.

Visit Them Here to Get Started:


SiteValley is a newer player in the game, but they are taking things very seriously, including price, performance, and adult hosting.

They have shared hosting packages that run around $50 per year or less depending on current specials, and they offer un-metered storage, bandwidth, a Free domain, professional support is included, a 30 day money back guarantee if you change your mind, and a 99.9% up-time guarantee.

SiteValley doesn’t ONLY do adult websites, so they have a big enough customer-base to stay afloat without having to rely entirely on that one niche. But they are also very specific about allowing adult websites, which isn’t something you find with every more mainstream host, so they’re a great bridge between standard and adult sites.

While they do offer un-metered resources, that doesn’t mean you can go and run a big tube site where you host tons of videos on their servers. If you do start drawing so many resources that you’re slowing down the shared servers for other customers, you’ll run into issues, but that’s okay because their cheaper plans aren’t really built for that anyways.

This is perfect for membership sites, or as a hub for models to promote their other platforms.

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Here’s the host that goes in all for adult content. The first thing you see when you visit their homepage are a few sets of cartoon boobs, so you know they mean business. In their own words, they say “
When it comes to sexual preferences, we are very liberal. So whether you are running a dark fetish community, or you are starting a controversial fantasy blog, we will accept you with much pleasure.”

This is the type of host that you can trust your adult content with. To take it a step further, they ignore any incoming copyright claims and their list of banned content is very short: anything with real violence, animals, or minors. Other than that, they say, and they’re all set.

Visit Them Here to Get Started:

Final Thoughts

ViceTemple is the newest brand on our list, but they’re also the one that’s going all-in for hosting adult content and making sure to protect their clients. You may be just fine using something like HostGator, but you never know when you could run into troubles or offend a certain staff member or any other number of things that can cause a serious hiccup in your adult business.

It’s better to go with a web host that’s designed for Adult Toys or Content, and used to it, and actively encouraging it on their platform, rather than a host that may or may not simply put up with it.

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