BlueHost Basic vs Plus

BlueHost Basic vs Plus is a match-up that mostly interests people who are looking for the best shared hosting solution in order to build small to medium website(s). Both of these plans from BlueHost are significantly more affordable than the market average for the included services, which is already a big plus. But if you can afford either BlueHost Basic or Plus, which one should you go for?

I always say that this choice depends on your specific needs. We’ll take a look at both BlueHost Basic and Plus, as well as their features in just a moment, but, before we do, this is my general rule of thumb: If you’re a beginner who wants to test the waters and create a single website or blog, then BlueHost Basic is perfect for you. It’s super cheap and you don’t have to worry about the space limitations, because 50GB of SSD storage is more than enough for a single static HTML or WordPress site. If, on the other hand, you’re likely to try out multiple websites in the near future, BlueHost Plus is a much better plan. Here’s what I mean.

BlueHost Basic vs Plus: Conclusion

As an aside tip, if I were you, I wouldn’t choose either of the two plans for a period of time that is longer than 12 months. If you’re considering BlueHost Basic vs Plus, then you’re likely just starting out. A lot can happen over the course of one year in the online world and you don’t want to be stuck in a plan that no longer suits your website once you begin to grow.

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