Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review

Back in 2012, BlueHost began to offer free CDN services to their existing users through a partnership with CloudFare, but it was only in 2015 that the company published its own proper cloud hosting service, referred to as BlueHost Cloud Sites. Since then, BlueHost has only improved its offer.

If you’re looking through BlueHost cloud hosting reviews in an attempt to figure out whether this is the right hosting solution for you, allow me to first ask you a question. Do you actually need to switch to cloud? Consider that, even though BlueHost has an incredibly affordable offer for cloud hosting, this service is significantly more expensive than, say, most shared hosting plans. As such, you should first make sure that the traffic on your website is high enough to justify the switch since small to medium sites can fare perfectly well even without cloud.

If you’re settled on getting more security for your website(s), as well as virtually 100% uptime, and great loading speeds, then BlueHost cloud hosting might be the right choice for you. Below, you can check out BlueHost’s cloud hosting plan and all of its features to make an informed decision.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review: Conclusion

BlueHost cloud hosting is most certainly worth its asking price, which, by the way, is lower than the cost of any other similar service on the market. Should you decide to make the switch, then BlueHost Cloud Sites is a good way to get started, although you might want to consider some of the premium services out there if your website is about to grow exponentially.

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