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2021 is expected to bring close to $5 trillion in worldwide eCommerce sales, while the number of online shoppers is drastically increasing on a yearly basis. It’s no wonder that businesses who start online are likely to grow at a faster rate. In this BlueHost eCommerce review, I’m going to tell you why this web hosting industry leader is your best bet if you’re just starting out as a retailer.

In 2019, BlueHost partnered with WooCommerce to give their customers a one-stop shopping cart solution. Woo is your perfect gateway to the world of selling things online: it’s easy to set-up, it scales well, and it can be managed in an intuitive, straightforward point-and-click manner.

If you’re a web developer, you can easily dive into the backend of the BlueHost eCommerce solution, but this is not an absolute necessity. If you’re trying to manage your costs, there is no need for a premium programmer to launch your online shopping experience when you work with BlueHost.

You can optimize the visuals of your page, choose the size of your products’ images, and use extensions like USPS, Square, MailChimp and more to improve your page’s features. Scroll down to find out what other benefits you get with BlueHost’s eCommerce.

BlueHost eCommerce Review Conclusion

BlueHost’s eCommerce proposal is great for small and medium enterprises starting out in the world of online retail. Their association with WooCommerce provides for a versatile and easy to manage online shopping cart for individuals or businesses who are not yet ready to hand over the reins to their webpage.

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