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BlueHost vs DigitalOcean

Last updated: Author Scott Whatley

Although BlueHost vs. DigitalOcean is not a hosting comparison I’m often met with, enterprises looking for a cloud-based service might actually have to decide between the two. Even if DigitalOcean is less than 10 years old, they have quickly become one of the most popular providers of cloud hosting.

Both Bluehost and DigitalOcean offer great site-loading speeds and server uptime. Without looking at the particulars of each subscription, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to set them apart. However, if you had to pick either BlueHost or DigitalOcean solely based on pricing, you’re more likely to go for the former.

In terms of customer support, the DigitalOcean vs. BlueHost matchup becomes really easy to decide. On the one hand, I have a written, indirect ticketing system, while, on the other, I can call at any time of day or night and talk to a real-life person. Personally, I think one of these companies comes out on top more often than not. Scroll down to find out more.

PlanSharedShared Cloud
Pricingfrom $2.95/monthfrom $5/month
Free DomainYesNo
SSD StorageNoYes
IP Address11 Static IP
Uptime offer0.9990.99
SSL CertificateNoYes
24/7 SupportYesYes
CPanelYesDigitalOcean Interface
Moneyback30 Days30 Days
Ideal forSmall to Medium EnterpriseTech Startups and Developers

BlueHost vs DigitalOcean Conclusion

As you can see, DigitalOcean’s offers are quite pricey and limited by comparison to what BlueHost can give you. DO does not offer dedicated hosting since they’re an exclusively cloud-based service. In addition, if you’re new at this and you’re looking to get online as easy as possible, DO’s API is less intuitive than BlueHost’s cPanel and 1-click WordPress installation.

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