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BlueHost vs Pressable

Last updated: Author Scott Whatley

BlueHost vs Pressable is a match-up that I like to consider from the point of view of how well these two services integrate with WordPress. This is, after all, the one feature that both BlueHost and Pressable to pride themselves with, so just how good are their offers?

While BlueHost is more of a jack-of-all-trades that mainly targets users or businesses looking to gain a quick online presence, Pressable is a specialized service that vows to integrate with WordPress like no other host. Indeed, Pressable does deliver secure, scalable, and high-performance WordPress hosting. Their servers are specifically configured to host WordPress websites and their support team is immersed in all-things WordPress. So far, the offer seems attractive enough.

The one issue I take with Pressable is that it’s painfully expensive for the offers it provides. Although BlueHost isn’t necessarily specialized in WordPress hosting, they do have a number of features that make integration super easy. More importantly, they do so for a much more affordable price. Is the difference in cost worth it? Before you decide to go for BlueHost or Pressable, you have to consider their features side-by-side.

Pricingfrom $29.99/monthfrom $25/month
Free DomainYesNo
SSD StorageNoNo
IP Address2No
Uptime offer0.9990.99
SSL CertificateNoYes
24/7 SupportYesYes
Email AccountsUnlimitedn/a
Built-in CDNYesYes
Root AccessYesNo
1 Click WordPress InstallYesYes
Refund Policy30-day Moneybackn/a
Ideal forSmall to Medium EnterpriseDevelopers and Business Enterprises

BlueHost vs Pressable Conclusion

Overall, there is no doubt that Pressable is a better option when it comes to hosting multiple WordPress websites. It’s difficult to beat their offer in this respect, and, although BlueHost comes close, their plans are more inclusive, rather than laser-focused on one type of platform. The thing is, as a beginner or a small to medium business, I would still go for BlueHost simply because, if you ask me, the price difference in just not worth it.

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