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BlueHost vs TMDHosting

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If you flip through most of the existing reviews of BlueHost vs TMDHosting, you’ll notice that some users prefer the former, while others praise the latter. It almost seems like the match could go either way, but my tests show a very different story.

Yes, BlueHost is, by far, the more popular kid in school, but, when you put this service next to TMDHosting, it makes the latter look like the classroom genius. So I asked myself: who would I rather trust to run the heart of my website? The good-looking lad who gets by on charm or the brainy kid who is likely to win the next Olympiad in Math?

Here’s what I mean: the difference in cost between BlueHost and TMDHosting is negligible for their most affordable plans, but the difference in features is not. For instance, while both services provide unlimited bandwidth and a free domain, only TMDHosting offers SSD storage and even SSL certificates for this amount of money.

In addition, the average uptime for BlueHost is just under the industry standard, whereas TMDHosting maintains a stellar 99.99%. In terms of website speed, my tests indicate a 1.5 second page load time for BlueHost and an incomparable 8.5 ms for TMDHosting. Even if I had to choose BlueHost or TMDHosting purely based on speed, I would go for the second. And the list can go on.

BlueHostTMD Hosting
Pricingfrom $2.95/monthfrom $2.85/month
Free DomainYesYes
SSD StorageNoYes
IP Address10
Uptime offer0.9990.99
SSL CertificateNoYes
24/7 SupportYesYes
Email Accounts5Unlimited
Ideal forSmall to Medium EnterpriseStartup blogs

BlueHost vs TMDHosting Conclusion

Ultimately, it’s not that TMDHosting is the brightest service out there. However, its performance and features look pretty impressive when you compare them to what BlueHost has to offer for a similar price.

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