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For some time now, GoDaddy and have been head-to-head in terms of landing new customers. It’s a well-balanced match that’s likely to go on for a while. Both hosting services offer great prices for those who also want to register a free domain, although GoDaddy’s basic subscription is slightly cheaper. Nevertheless, users who have tried these services have reported similar levels of satisfaction.

It’s enough to look at their most popular plans to get a feel of how the match between GoDaddy vs might go. Where offers unlimited storage space, GoDaddy gives me 100 GB – which is still way, way more than I need for a starter website. On the flip side, GoDaddy guarantees unlimited bandwidth, which I care much more about than space, at least at this point. has “scaling” options, which is to say that they’re going to make me pay if I want to maintain my website’s responsiveness.

I wouldn’t necessarily jump to conclusions and vouchsafe for either GoDaddy or right now, but you can take a look at the figures and judge for yourself.
PlanEconomyLinux Basic
Pricingfrom $3.99/monthfrom $3.75/month
Free DomainYesNo
SSD StorageYesn/a
SSL CertificateNoNo
Email Accounts1Unlimited
24/7 SupportYesYes
Ideal forSmall to Medium EnterpriseBest for blogs and social websites

It’s sensible to have a vs GoDaddy showdown. The two are, after all, aiming for the same market segment. However, the only thing has to show for its higher price is the SSL Certificate, which appears only in GoDaddy’s Ultimate plan. But, to be fair, I can easily setup a free and secure SSL plugin on my WordPress without having to pay anything to anyone, so I don’t know if that should be a deciding factor in any equation.

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