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GoDaddy vs eNom is not a very spectacular contest. In a fight, neither of the two domain registrars would achieve a resounding victory. Instead, one would slowly grind down the other in what would probably become the most tiresome match-up in the industry. But, hey, if you’re trying to choose the best service out there, you have to give them all a fair chance, right?

GoDaddy and eNom started out as domain registrars at roughly the same time. Since then, GoDaddy Inc. has become one of the largest web service companies in the world and currently holds an enormous share of the market in terms of domain purchases. Meanwhile, eNom has also developed nicely, but, at present, the number of domains they sell is minimal when compared to GoDaddy.

Of course, you should look at more than mere company size to choose either GoDaddy or eNom. Luckily, I’ve put both companies side by side and carefully compared their features below.

Pricingfrom $3.99/monthfrom $5.96/month
Free DomainYesYes
SSD StorageYesn/a
SSL CertificateNon/a
Uptime offer0.9940.999
24/7 SupportYesYes
FounderBob ParsonPaul Stahura
Year Founded19971997
Ideal forSmall to Medium EnterpriseMedium-sized businesses

All in all, when you look closely at the match-up between eNom vs GoDaddy, GoDaddy is just slightly more advantageous than eNom across the board. Granted, they have received all manners of complaints from customers lately, but, provided that they will address their problems, they will most certainly continue to be a better choice. Why? It’s simple. They give you more features and they do so for less money. Win-win… not for eNom, unfortunately, but for you.

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