GoDaddy Reseller Review

You know how you sometimes have an idea that looks amazing on paper, but always falls short of your expectations when you try to implement it? The GoDaddy reseller option is one of those theoretically sound, yet practically unwise decisions. In this GoDaddy reseller review, I’ll take you through the ups and downs of the company’s service.

White label hosting or reseller hosting is a subscription that makes it possible for you to become a provider of web hosting services without the physical infrastructure of a hosting business. Essentially, you’ll be a broker between a large hosting organization and others who may require their services. If you’re good at merchandising and customer service, you can put your skills to great use through reseller programs.

While there are many good aspects to GoDaddy’s reseller program, their offer sometimes falls short in terms of benefits and, by extension, what you can offer your potential clients. When sales and basic support are your kernel operations, you want to make sure that your product is the best possible one you can afford.

GoDaddy Reseller Review Conclusion

As you can tell from this GoDaddy reseller review, it’s not just a subjective opinion that I hold with regards to their particular offer. Their ambiguous limits on server resources, odd e-mail plans, and lack of cloud hosting have deterred many customers from closing the deal with them. Their attractive prices make for a good starting option, but you should probably check out other companies as well.

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