GoDaddy Reviews for Web Hosting: How Much Better Are They in 2018?

godaddy review

GoDaddy is probably the best-known domain registrar and web-hosting company in the world, but they’ve been trying to change their racy image. We’re going to take a look at how that has been going for them, and if they’re a viable option for your hosting needs.

GoDaddy review

They gained huge notoriety for their controversial Super Bowl commercials, among other things. Because of their incredible amounts of effective advertising, they’re the first company many people think of when they’re looking for hosting or to buy domain names, but the average consumer might not realize just how much quality can vary between different hosting companies, so for a lot of people – their search ends with the very first company they can name, without digging any deeper.

In this GoDaddy review, we’re going to talk about how GoDaddy developed a not-so-great reputation in the world of hosting, and how they’ve been working extra-hard recently to change that by drastically improving their service.

Hosting at a Registrar?

A registrar is the company that helps you register a domain name, and a webhost is the company that keeps your website online. Most of them function as both, but they usually have a specialty. With Bluehost, for example, they’re a webhosting company that also allows you to register domains for convenience. In the case of GoDaddy, it’s the other way around. They’re a registrar that also sells hosting. In addition to that, they’ve evolved to offer a whole suite of tools and services for small to medium sized businesses who want an all-in-one solution when it comes to managing their entire online presence.

Their bread and butter is domain names, but with so many clients and being such a popular brand, it only makes sense for them to sell hosting too – but it wasn’t their priority at the core of their business, and for a long time they really weren’t even doing a good job with it.

There have been a lot of complaints in the past when it comes to things like GoDaddy making it unnecessarily difficult to transfer your site to another host (Not just with their proprietary site builder, but even sites built using something like WordPress…), and GoDaddy has taken a lot of criticism for their upsells, where they’re either charging a small fortune for things that other companies offer for free, sneakily rebilling for things you didn’t even realize you ordered, or just charging abnormally high renewal fees.

None the less, they’ve gotten a lot better, and are definitely worth a look.

Our Review of Godaddy In 2018

As we mentioned, they’ve recently been working on a lot of overhauls, from a new more intuitive design of their site, to acknowledging some of their missteps in the past, and have made some major changes in leadership and hiring practices in hopes of shedding their negative image from the past. The issues with GoDaddy aren’t just due to their public image, their servers and service weren’t ideal either. They were regarded as one of the slower hosts out there, but they’ve really been turning things around.

GoDaddy has definitely improved, and we’re going to go over their specific hosting offerings in just a few moments. None the less, they aren’t the absolute best hosting company out there, and we’ve reviewed others that we would easily rank above GoDaddy. Having said that, GoDaddy may still be a viable option for certain sites, as long as you’re careful when signing up to avoid any unnecessary up-sells, and you’re aware of what your renewal costs will be. The main plus is that it’s really cheap, and better than some other hosting companies in the same price range.

Types of Servers at GoDaddy

Since this is a review of GoDaddy as a webhost and not specifically about their domain name services, we’ll be looking at their most popular hosting plan – their shared hosting – and some of their other offerings as well.

GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting Plans are as follows:

In standard fashion, their cheapest Economy plan only has support for one website. It comes with 100gb storage, and unmetered bandwidth. We’ve gone over it many times in our other reviews, but just in case you’re not aware: “Unmetered” basically means that they don’t care how much bandwidth you’re using, unless you’re using too much. It’s kind of a strange thing, since some hosts will come right out and tell you what your limit is, but others prefer to keep those numbers obfuscated. It’s not ideal, but generally speaking, if your site isn’t using a ton of resources, you’ll be fine. If your site is busy enough to hit your limits, you should be using a much higher-end hosting plan anyways – these ones are great for sites that aren’t getting hammered with tons of visitors all day. The same applies to things marketed as “Unlimited”, they’re not actually unlimited.

To address this, GoDaddy has a new beta program open for more advanced hosting, it costs more and you know exactly how many resources you’ve  got at your disposal. With unmetered hosting, most users won’t use very many resources at all – nowhere near their fair share – but some users will use excessive amounts. With this new option, called Pro Managed WordPress Hosting, you’ll know exactly where you stand, how many people can visit your site each month before you need to upgrade, and you can avoid any unpleasant surprises. Better performance, better reliability, better hardware, at a higher price. It’s great to see this option exist, it gets rid of a lot of the criticism that we’ve had for GoDaddy over the years.

If you need something better than a cheap and basic shared host, but still want a managed server that’s going to perform great for you, one of these Pro plans is a GREAT option from GoDaddy, whether you need to host one website or a bunch of them. The prices get even better for larger plans.

These plans offer a great middle-ground between the most basic shared hosting, and a super high-end shared host like WP Engine. It’s comfortably in the middle, it’s not as good as WP Engine or something like that, but it’s also half the price. We recommend the Pro 1 for an important website, like for a business, where you’re willing to pony up a little extra each month in exchange for a big bump in quality and performance from your server.

Since there’s a cap on your resources, there’s a cap on everyone else too, which means if you don’t use your share – you aren’t going to suffer just because somebody else uses more than their share since they can’t. In typical shared hosting, your site can suffer if some of the other sites sharing the same server are very busy, are poorly coded, have security vulnerabilities, and anything else that can hinder their performance.

GoDaddy Customer Support

This is one trait that can really make or break a hosting company, and can set some apart from the crowd. GREAT service is hard to come by, most hosts have good service, and there’s no shortage of hosting companies with bad support staff, for a variety of reasons. Some support desks are drastically understaffed, or unprepared for busy bursts of  time. Some of them don’t pay their staff enough, resulting in a team with less experience that is less motivated. Whatever the reason is, when you come across great support, you know it.

GoDaddy offers 24/7 telephone support and they do a great job. They also have live chat available from 6am – 10pm, if you just need something quick and don’t feel like making a phone call.

GoDaddy support has won awards, and we’ve found them to be incredibly helpful and kind anytime we’ve had to reach out. With their newer hosting packages, improved public image, and great support – it’s possible to recommend GoDaddy again. There was a while where it was difficult to refer people to them, but now that’s no longer the case.

In addition to their support staff who are available around the clock, they also have a massive community of experts who enjoy helping and climing their way up the leaderboard of the most helpful members.

5 Reasons To Check Out GoDaddy’s Hosting

If you just want to cut right to the chase, here are 5 things that stand out positively for GoDaddy.

  1. Price: It’s very affordable, and quite good. As we said, it’s not the best hosting in the world, but it’s not trying to be, either. GoDaddy fills the role of being a great choice for people who want budget hosting that’ll still be able to handle a normal amount of visitors.
  2. Momentum: After addressing some of their past issues, GoDaddy has been able to fix a lot of things they used to get criticized for. They’re not perfect yet, but they’re definitely moving in the right direction and that’s always a good thing. You could do a lot worse than buying a hosting account from GoDaddy if you’re looking at the big picture, there are cheaper options but they’re way worse, and there are more expensive options that perform better, but GoDaddy has recently revealed some new services, like their Pro Managed WordPress Servers that make them viable for budget hosting, as well as higher-end sites.
  3. Size: GoDaddy is one of the biggest, and that means they have the scale to handle anything your site could throw at them. They have a huge staff working around the clock to support your site. Believe it or not, there are a lot of hosting companies that only have one employee, maybe two, and humans need to sleep, they get sick, they have off-days… which leaves you high and dry as a customer, so there’s definitely advantages to dealing with huge, established hosting brands.
  4. Easy: Their WordPress auto installation and other one-click installs make this a really easy way to start for people who are making their first website, or just aren’t too interested in rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty. There’s nothing wrong with that, you can focus on content for your website instead of worrying about managing your hosting manually.
  5. Integration: Another feature that makes GoDaddy really easy to use is the fact that they have integrations for so many different things, from Microsoft Office, to Google Apps, to having your hosting and email @yourdomain all in sync. Normally, this can all be a bit of a pain to setup and manage, but having it all under GoDaddy’s roof definitely makes it easier. Some people advise keeping your domains and hosting and everything separate from one another with different companies, just in case anything goes wrong, but GoDaddy is such an established brand that it’s hard to imagine them going away without at least a heads up.

Final Verdict

Overall, GoDaddy offers a comprehensive line-up of hosting products, and they’re still one of the leaders when it comes to buying domain names, too.

They’ve gotten a lot better in recent years, and are still moving forward. Their newer offering for Pro WordPress hosting could be a game-changer, it fills an important gap in the shared hosting market.

They have some of the lowest pricing for their base products, but be careful about the upsells like their $60 SSL certificates (If that’s something you need, you’re better off finding a host that offers them cheaper or using a free one), but for just the bare-bones hosting plans, Godaddy is a great value.

It’s not the absolute best, but it’s nowhere near the bottom of the barrel either, so for the money – it’s a very decent option.

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