Hosting Alternatives

Are you interested in a service but wish it could include just a couple more features? Or maybe you like the features but you aren’t a big fan of the price. Every company has its competitors and at least one of them is certain to tick all the boxes you’re looking for.

No one likes to drive away a potential client to a near competitor, but the fact is that in the web hosting market not everyone will be able to provide the services of every customer looking for help with their web projects. Most companies are able to handle the basics, such as shared hosting, cloud services, VPS, and blog hosting. But there are certain features that are better suited for larger teams.

Below we have listed a series of our favorite hosting alternatives for you to browse that will suit different sizes and types of projects. Most of these services range from basic stuff such as full website management to e-mail hosting, to bigger projects such as handling the migration of websites that have grown too big for their original hosting service and need to expand to personal servers.

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