8 Best Reseller Hosting Service Providers

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Author Diana Melnic
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Most web hosts claim to offer the best reseller hosting programs, but only some of them deliver on this promise. For example, did you know that only a few providers extend customer support to your clients while others let this responsibility fall on you?

Your budget is an essential factor in choosing the right reseller program, but pricing alone doesn’t give you the full story. Before you commit to a service, you need to know that you can count on it to perform at a top level. You also need to know whether they’ll help you out in case a problem comes up.

Becoming a hosting reseller can be a great way to set up a source of passive income, but only if you’re working with the right web host. Choose poorly and you might have so many issues on your hands that you’ll be tempted to give up the business before it even lifts off the ground.

To help you avoid unpleasant surprises, I’ve taken the time to thoroughly research and test dozens of reseller programs. I’ll tell you straight away that InMotion Hosting offers the best reseller packages overall, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best option for you. You’ll have to read on to find out more.

Top Best Reseller Hosting Services

Comparing web hosts is the bread and butter of my job. Having scoured the Internet for thousands of reviews from customers – both happy and very angry, I know exactly what your clients will expect from you as a hosting reseller. With this in mind, I’ve selected the top eight reseller programs that are most likely to support your success without costing a fortune.

In case you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick preview of the results:

  • InMotion Hosting – the best Linux reseller hosting overall: generous resources, plenty of cPanel accounts for your clients, and excellent support
  • A2 Hosting – risk-free reseller plans backed by a high-performing hosting platform and airtight security
  • SiteGround – the best reseller hosting for web designers and developers, optimized for WordPress
  • HostGator – affordable reseller hosting with attractive long-term discounts and a comprehensive startup guide for newbies
  • GoDaddy – the best reseller hosting plans for beginners with little to no experience in the industry
  • InterServer – cheap reseller hosting program with monthly plans and plenty of features
  • GreenGeeks – 300% green reseller hosting that doesn’t compromise on quality
  • Liquid Web – the best and most powerful reseller hosting solutions for serious web hosting businesses

Now, don’t expect all of these providers to offer the same things. Some reseller programs focus on affordability, while others have excellent customer support or unmatched performance. Finding the best reseller web hosting service is as much about your specific needs as it is about comparing different hosts.

But don’t worry. I’ll get into the exact features that make each of these hosts a viable option. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to better evaluate your needs and choose the best reseller program for the task.

1. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is not the cheapest web host out there, but it offers some of the best Linux reseller hosting plans in the industry. From performance to features and security, this host has you (and your clients) covered.

With six fully managed reseller hosting solutions, InMotion gives you the option to start small and add more resources as your business grows. And if you’re worried about managing your account, don’t be. With all InMotion plans, you get cPanel and WHM for easy server management, as well as WHMCS to help keep your business organized.

Among other things, WHMCS makes it possible to:

  • Create customized hosting packages by allocating resources from your account.
  • Easily integrate your plans into your storefront.
  • Define different payment options, including one-time purchases, subscriptions, and even free trials.
  • Accept payments in most currencies through popular processors.
  • Create invoices.
  • Get statistics and forecasts on your customers.

InMotion Hosting has one of the best performing infrastructures in the industry, backed by SSD storage, server-side caching, two data centers to choose from, and a direct partnership with some of the world’s most prominent ISPs. One thing you know for sure with InMotion is that your clients will never complain about subpar hosting.

Convenient Scalability to Suit a Growing Business

InMotion offers two types of Linux reseller hosting: shared and VPS. The three shared reseller plans are ideal for beginners. They include a generous amount of SSD storage (up to 160GB for the R-3000S plan), up to 1600GB of bandwidth, as well as between 25 and 80 cPanel accounts for your clients.

That said, if you intend to host large websites or online stores on your account, a VPS reseller package might be more suitable. This is also the case if your reseller business is developing quickly and you need to host more clients at the same time. With a VPS, you get your own virtual machine (VM) and dedicated resources, which translate into improved performance, security, and reliability.

The VPS plans are more expensive, but you don’t have to get one straight away. In fact, InMotion encourages you to start with a shared reseller package and upgrade as needed once your business grows.

Complete Control Over Your Resources and Brand

InMotion’s reseller packages are white label, which means that you can use your own name and brand to advertise your products. In addition, the provider lets you divide your resources as you see fit so that you can create custom hosting plans for your clients. Pricing is entirely up to you, as is payment processing.

InMotion Hosting provides the architecture that you need to start your own hosting company, but it lets your brand shine. The name servers are anonymous to begin with, and you get a configurable package builder to easily set up different hosting plans. You can even select between several themes for your clients’ dashboard in order to create a truly unique experience.

Excellent Support to Fall Back On

Although InMotion Hosting doesn’t offer customer support for your clients, you can reach the support team at any time through live chat, tickets, and phone. If you have a problem that needs an urgent solution, the team is there to help out 24/7. You also have access to InMotion’s extensive knowledge base, which includes articles and tutorials on almost all host-related issues.

If you already have a reseller account with several clients, you might be reluctant to transfer to a new provider. After all, manually migrating all of your clients’ websites and databases can take a great deal of time. Especially if something goes wrong.

InMotion Hosting’s customer support goes the extra mile and offers to transfer up to 50 cPanel accounts for free. You do have to provide some information for the transfer to be completed successfully, but it’s a whole lot better than having to do it all yourself.

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting takes the second spot on my list of the best reseller hosting services thanks to its powerful infrastructure and excellent performance. If speed and reliability are your top priorities, know that A2 Hosting feels the same way. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to afford one of its plans.

With four plans to choose from, you can get up to 200GB of SSD storage, 2000GB of bandwidth, and up to 100 client accounts. Not bad at all. For most plans, you also get to choose between two of the best client management systems out there: Blesta and WHMCS.

Only the Bronze plan comes with Blesta by default, but this is not necessarily a disadvantage. If you’re willing to get used to its interface, Blesta has a better invoicing system, a more modern look, and the ability to perform virtually the same tasks as WHMCS.

Plenty of Performance-Enhancing Features

Speed and reliability are two of A2 Hosting’s strongest suits. For an extra $10 per month, you can host your clients on the provider’s Turbo servers for improved performance and additional resources. The servers run on LiteSpeed technology with advanced caching, which is significantly faster and more reliable than the Apache tech used by most hosts.

In addition, all accounts benefit from SSD storage and RAID-10 redundancy, so you can rest assured that your customers have top-notch website loading speeds. In case most of your clients’ visitors are not based in the US, you can always opt for one of A2 Hosting’s non-US data centers, in Europe (Amsterdam) or Asia (Singapore).

Plus, all of your clients can easily activate CloudFlare CDN (content network delivery) from their dashboards. Even if some of your customers expect visitors from all over the world, you can guarantee that their sites will load quickly once the CDN is set up.

Airtight Security Included for Free

As a hosting reseller, you get to decide whether you want to help your clients with website security or let them handle it on their own. Generally speaking, however, customers tend to be happier with a service that offers to keep their account safe for free. Normally, this would entail additional expenses, but not with A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting includes its proprietary security suite – Perpetual Security – for free on all reseller plans. Perpetual Security includes:

  • A malware scanning and removal tool,
  • Advanced DDoS protection,
  • Brute force defense,
  • A dual firewall.

Each of your clients can also activate free SSL certificates for their website straight from the dashboard. This comes especially in handy with customers who want to set up an ecommerce store using your service.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

A2 Hosting’s best reseller deals are only available for two- and three-year billing cycles: an intimidating investment under normal circumstances. The good news is that A2 offers an anytime money back guarantee that is matched by few – if any – other providers in the industry.

If, at any point, you decide that the service no longer works for you, you can obtain a protracted refund for the remainder of your term. With such a generous guarantee, you don’t have to worry that you’re locking yourself into a deal that might or might not result in a successful business. You can try it out and change your mind at any point down the road.

3. SiteGround

With a single Reseller plan based on high-performance shared hosting, SiteGround makes your choice much simpler. However, its billing policy is slightly different compared to other web hosts on this list.

Instead of charging you on a yearly or monthly cycle, SiteGround’s reseller program works with a special currency called “reseller credits”. One reseller credit gives you one year of hosting for one account, but you can distribute your credits as you see fit. For example, you can use three credits to host one client for three years or to host three clients for one year. Plus, these credits never expire, so you can cash them in at any time.

At $49 per credit, SiteGround is definitely on the expensive side of the reseller hosting industry, but you can get significant discounts for purchasing more credits at a time. In addition, SiteGround’s pricing is well justified by its impressive features and the outstanding quality of customer support.

Hosting Platform Built on LXC Technology

SiteGround is not merely a web host, but rather an active contributor to the development of web server technologies and security. And it shows. For example, the provider’s hosting platform is built from the ground up using Linux Container (LXC) technology for improved performance and security.

Even though you’re on a shared hosting plan, your account is safely isolated from those of your neighbors. Other users can’t eat up your resources, and security breaches that take place on a neighboring account can’t extend to your own. LXC also lets SiteGround easily scale your resources if and when your account experiences a high traffic load. In short, your clients can expect faster loading speeds and better uptime.

All of SiteGround’s servers are equipped with SSD storage and run on a mix of Apache and Nginx technologies. Reseller accounts are hosted on Apache servers, but Nginx is used as a reverse proxy to evenly distribute traffic and quickly deliver cached content.

Developer-Friendly Tools

As the best reseller hosting for web designers and developers, SiteGround’s reseller offer includes an impressive kit of specialized tools for free. For instance, you have access to a one-click staging environment that allows you to clone websites and test any changes before they go live.

Although SiteGround no longer offers cPanel on its reseller program, you can just as easily manage your account and those of your clients using its proprietary Site Tools control panel. Designed with resellers in mind, Site Tools lets you conveniently create and maintain multiple websites from a single dashboard.

If you usually work with several professionals on your projects, you’ll be happy to know that Git is fully integrated into your dashboard. You can create a collaborator account for each person and grant them different access levels for free. You can also generate repositories of your websites or apps that can then be modified by contributors.

Generally speaking, this makes SiteGround an excellent option for web designers who want to offer a complete service for their clients. If, however, one of your clients decides that they want to manage their website independently, you can easily transfer billing and ownership with just a couple of clicks.

Optimized for WordPress

SiteGround’s WordPress reseller hosting package includes all the amenities of a managed WordPress service, which makes it ideal for web developers who prefer to work with this popular CMS (content management system).

WordPress and WooCommerce are automatically installed and pre-configured for maximum performance on SiteGround’s servers. The provider also takes care of updates for WordPress and any related plugins so you don’t ever have to worry about outdated software and vulnerabilities.

Plus, you have access to SiteGround’s proprietary WordPress caching solution, SuperCacher, which runs a combination of Nginx and Memcached technologies to ensure a drastic increase in performance and reliability. It doesn’t come cheap, but if you can afford it, SiteGround makes a compelling offer.

4. GoDaddy

If you’re working with a tight budget and you have little to no experience as a hosting reseller, GoDaddy might be the right web host for you. GoDaddy has not one, but two main reseller programs referred to as Basic/Pro and Reseller Hosting. Each program comes with its own plans and is best suited for specific needs:

  • The Basic/Pro is designed for beginner resellers who want to quickly set up a one-stop-shop for several GoDaddy services. You can resell anything from web hosting to domain registry, email hosting, managed WordPress hosting, the GoDaddy website builder, and more. However, you can’t set your own prices and you are paid by commission at the end of each month.
  • Reseller Hosting is GoDaddy’s solution for people who want more control over their storefront, products, pricing, and customer payments. It’s not as easy to set up and you can only resell GoDaddy’s web hosting and domain registration services, but it’s worth considering if your reseller business is growing fast.

If you want to get started right away, the Basic/Pro plans are your best option. Plus, they’re significantly cheaper than the Reseller Hosting plans, and you can always upgrade at a later date if needed.

Beginner-Friendly Reseller Solutions

As someone who is new to reseller hosting, you might want to test the waters first before you make a considerable investment. GoDaddy gives you this option through its Basic/Pro reseller program.

You get to customize your storefront to represent your own brand, but the template is already there, so you can set everything up in a matter of minutes. You also don’t have to worry about processing payments because GoDaddy will do this for you.

More importantly, you can rely on GoDaddy’s award-winning customer support to answer any questions your clients might have. In other words, you don’t have to be an expert in web hosting to be able to resell it through GoDaddy’s Basic/Pro program. Nor do you have to dedicate time and money to setting up your own customer support channels.

You just advertise your brand, and GoDaddy takes care of the rest for you.

Full Customization Options for Experienced Resellers

Don’t like that you can’t set your own prices on the Basic/Pro reseller programs?

Looking to design your own storefront from scratch?

Want more control over the hosting packages you sell?

GoDaddy’s Reseller Hosting program could be the answer. With either of the four plans included in the program, you have the power to create your own web hosting products and price them accordingly. You can’t use GoDaddy’s predefined storefront, but this gives you the opportunity to create your own website from the ground up.

You also have access to a free WHMCS license, which can greatly simplify the way you manage your reseller business.

That said, there is one noteworthy drawback with GoDaddy’s Reseller Hosting program: you have to provide your own customer support. You have access to GoDaddy’s support team in case you need any help, but you will be the one answering clients and dealing with their issues.

A Reliable, Managed Infrastructure

GoDaddy’s best reseller hosting programs come with powerful VPS plans, but none of the trouble of managing your own virtual machine. Even if you have no experience in server maintenance, you can rely on GoDaddy to provision and manage your server for you. Plus, you can easily navigate your account using the simplified version of cPanel provided for free on all plans.

Depending on your needs, you can get up to 4 dedicated CPUs, 16GB of RAM, and 240GB of storage to split into shared hosting packages as you see fit. With a solid 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by GoDaddy’s SLA (service level agreement), you can rest assured that you’ll be able to offer a reliable service to your clients.

GoDaddy will also take care of your customers’ security, which is a big plus. With any Reseller Hosting plan, you get SSL certificates for free so that all websites hosted on your VM are padlock protected. Hard to argue with that offer.

5. HostGator

If you’re on the lookout for unlimited reseller hosting that is also fairly cheap, HostGator could be the right fit. With three shared hosting plans at your disposal, you can start with a small investment and easily upgrade to a more expensive package if and when your business outgrows your current resources.

HostGator includes the perfect triad of reseller tools on all three reseller plans. You get cPanel to easily manage your account, WHM to conveniently allocate resources to your clients, and WHMCS to help out with billing and the general organization of your business. In short, everything you need to start your own hosting service and earn money on the side.

Most importantly, HostGator gives you unlimited domains on all plans, so you can theoretically host an unlimited number of clients. I say theoretically because your storage space and bandwidth are limited, so you can’t serve too many customers without causing them to experience poor loading speeds and/or downtime. 

An In-Depth Reseller Startup Guide

Starting a reseller hosting business can be intimidating, especially if you have little previous experience with web hosting. HostGator’s goal is to make the process as easy as possible for newbies, and its Reseller Startup Guide is designed specifically for this purpose.

The guide offers step-by-step instructions on everything you need to do once you’ve purchased a reseller account. It teaches you how to allocate resources to shared hosting packages, but also how to create accounts for your users, and how to properly maintain them.

There’s even a complete guide on how to use WHMCS to manage your billing, and all the information is tailored for the HostGator platform. If you run into any trouble during the setup or along the way, you can always get in touch with customer support, which is available 24/7.

Easy Domain Registration for Clients

Many clients prefer to register their domain with the same provider that they use for hosting. Like GoDaddy, HostGator gives you the opportunity to offer a complete service with very little effort on your part.

When you buy a reseller account, you are automatically registered with the Reseller Club. Through the club, you can then purchase domains for your clients and easily integrate billing with WHMCS. You can even give your customers the possibility to transfer domains that they have previously registered with a different provider to your service.

In addition, you can provide a video tutorial on domain transfers to your new clients to further simplify the process. The tutorial (alongside more than 400 other useful videos) is created by HostGator, but you can forward it to customers using your own business name.

Excellent Discounts for Long-Term Plans

HostGator features attractive prices on all three reseller hosting plans, which can help you reduce your initial investment and increase your profit in the long run. For example, you can get the top-tier Silver plan with 140GB of storage and 1400GB of bandwidth for just $24.95 per month if you opt for a triennial billing cycle. That’s more than 50% off the regular price.

Granted, these impressive deals are only available for long-term plans. However, HostGator gives you a generous 45 days to change your mind if you find that the service is not up to your standards.

6. InterServer

Not sure about your investment in reseller hosting? Then you might be more tempted to go for a monthly, rather than yearly plan. InterServer offers cheap reseller hosting solutions that you can pay on a monthly basis. Instead of purchasing a three-year service worth several hundreds of dollars, you can get started with just $19.95 and take it from there.

You might think that the low price is indicative of poor quality, but with InterServer, this is simply not the case. Even with the entry-level reseller plan – the RS One – you get 80GB of storage, 500GB of bandwidth, and up to 20 cPanel accounts for your clients. cPanel, WHM, and WHMCS are also included. As your business grows, you can increase your storage to up to 240GB and get a maximum of 70 cPanel accounts.

If you need even more resources, InterServer has some of the best VPS offers in the industry, so you don’t have to transfer your account (or those of your clients) to another provider. Best of all, you and your customers have access to an impressive range of features included for free.

Top-Notch Servers with Fewer Neighbors

Some web hosts overcrowd their servers with accounts in order to decrease maintenance costs. However, this has a significant negative impact on performance and can lead to excessive downtime. With InterServer, you don’t have to worry. The company’s policy is to use only 50% of each server’s capacity so as to avoid any performance issues.

In addition, all servers are equipped with SSD, RAID-10 storage and run on LiteSpeed technology with advanced caching. A free version of CloudFlare CDN is also integrated into the dashboard so that you and your clients can quickly activate it with just a few clicks.

The only real downside about InterServer’s infrastructure is that the company runs a single Us-based data center. Although the CDN can help mitigate this issue, InterServer might not be the best reseller program for you if most of your clients have non-US audiences.

One-Click Installer with Over 400 Apps

InterServer’s cPanel reseller hosting plans come with Softaculous pre-installed. Using the latter, you can easily one-click install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, as well as any other popular CMS. And so can your clients.

Most web hosts give users the possibility to automatically install WordPress, but InterServer takes it to the next level. Your clients will be happy to learn that, no matter the platform they prefer to work with, they don’t have to delve into code or database management to get started.

Plus, Softaculous can be used to set up hundreds of plugins in addition to the CMS proper. From ecommerce carts and billing apps to forum functionality and social media integration, you can get any script you need up and running in minutes.

Free Daily Backups and Advanced Security Features

Not all web hosts take security as seriously as InterServer. For example, many providers leave you in charge of backing up your reseller account, while InterServer does it for you on a daily basis. If disaster strikes, you know that you have a complete backup of all of your clients’ data to rely on.

In addition, InterServer includes its proprietary security solution – InterShield – on all reseller plans. You get a proactive firewall based on machine learning, a virus scanner, and a malware removal tool for free. As do all of your clients.

7. GreenGeeks

Leading an environmentally-friendly lifestyle isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s the small choices that make all the difference. If you’re looking for a reseller program that is not only reliable, but also carbon-neutral, GreenGeeks is the perfect choice. Yes, their plans are slightly more expensive than the cheapest options on my list, but you get some serious bang for your buck.

With three cPanel reseller hosting plans to choose from, you can get up to 160GB of storage, 1600GB of bandwidth, and 80 cPanel accounts, plus WHM and WHMCS. Plus, you’ll be able to sell domains to your clients directly from your account manager, which is great news is you want to provide a complete service.

Worried that a green host means you have to compromise on quality? Don’t be. GreenGeeks runs on a powerful infrastructure backed by SSD storage, server-side caching, and an integrated CDN. If needed, you can even add more RAM to your account without having to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Free Transfers for Existing cPanel Accounts

If you already have a small hosting reseller business and you’re looking to switch to a better provider, safely migrating your clients’ accounts is likely one of your main concerns. Some web hosts ask you to complete the transfer on your own, while others put automated migration tools at your disposal. GreenGeeks goes one step further and offers to do everything for you.

When you buy one of GreenGeeks’ reseller plans, the provider’s migration specialists can transfer up to 30 existing cPanel accounts for free. If you have more than 30 clients, you can purchase additional transfers for the modest price of $5 each. You’ll even get a significant discount for bulk migrations.

Automated Updates and Backups

Being in charge of a hosting reseller business comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to advertise your service, ensure that customers are happy with your products, and even offer expert customer support when needed. The more things your web host is willing to do for you, the more time you have to nurture your business.

With GreenGeeks, you can rest assured that your account and those of your clients are backed up on a daily basis. You never know when one of your customers might fall prey to a malicious attack, and you must be prepared to offer assistance in case their account is hacked. Backups are an easy way to restore the server (or a specific account) to a prior version.

In addition, GreenGeeks takes care of core plugin updates for you. Whether your clients use WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, or any other CMS, you know that their websites won’t be vulnerable due to outdated software.

300% Green Hosting

You might not think it, but a single server produces more carbon dioxide than a car. In fact, data centers around the world are expected to become a bigger pollutant than the airline industry over the next few years. GreenGeeks is aware of the issue and has decided to take an active stance.

GreenGeeks’ entire hosting platform focuses on maximum use and zero waste of resources. What’s more, the provider uses renewable energy to match every amperage they pull from the grid and return three times the amount. When your reseller account is hosted with GreenGeeks, you’re not just carbon-neutral. You’re actually “carbon-reducing”.

8. Liquid Web

Liquid Web takes the eighth spot on my list of the best reseller web hosting services not because it’s the least powerful web host, but because it is the most specialized. In fact, Liquid Web has the best performing infrastructure, but it all comes at a cost. With impressive VPS, cloud, and dedicated options, this provider can help you start a serious hosting business, but you won’t find any beginner-friendly, shared hosting reseller programs here.

To become a reseller with Liquid Web, you have to submit a formal application and get accepted as a partner. In addition, you have to be prepared to make a considerable investment, although you can start with a VPS or cloud solution for a more attractive price.

In exchange, Liquid Web gives you access to one of the most powerful and versatile web hosting platforms in the industry. You can even apply for a Windows reseller hosting plan, whereas most other hosts run on Linux exclusively. The offer is entirely white label, so you can create your own name servers and dashboard to suit your brand.

VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated Solutions

Although it has no shared hosting options, Liquid Web is otherwise a complete service. If you’re serious about starting your own web hosting business and you can afford to make a substantial investment to get it off the ground, Liquid Web can cater to your every need.

As a beginner or small business, your best shot is to go with one of Liquid Web’s VPS reseller plans. These come with dedicated resources – up to 8 vCPUs, 200GB of storage, and 10TB of bandwidth, a choice between three premium control panels, a free WHMCS license, a dedicated IP address, as well as advanced security and performance features to boot.

Liquid Web’s cloud solutions offer even more flexibility, while its dedicated servers give you plenty of room to grow. One thing you know for sure is that no matter how far you want to take your business, Liquid Web can handle the load.

A Fully Managed Service

VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting are not the most beginner-friendly options. In fact, once you step outside of the realm of shared hosting plans, you have to have some previous experience in order to properly manage your VM or server. You can always hire an expert to take care of system operations for you, but this usually implies additional costs.

The great thing about Liquid Web is that all of its plans are fully managed. You don’t have to know how to provision, deploy, or maintain your own server, nor do you have to hire a SysOps admin. Hence the spicy cost.

If you can afford the price tag, however, Liquid Web takes care of all server-related operations for you. They put the infrastructure at your disposal, while you dedicate more time to your business and clients. Plus, if anything ever comes up, you know that you can fall back on Liquid Web’s excellent technical support to find a swift resolution.

100% Uptime Guarantee with 1000% Compensation

While the widespread industry standard is to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, Liquid Web has an outstanding 100% guarantee on all reseller plans. Whichever way you look at it, that’s impressive. It also says something about the confidence that Liquid Web has in its own infrastructure. And about the kind of performance you can expect from this host.

Even more impressive is the provider’s compensation for downtime. If you experience any downtime at all during any given month, you get credit worth 1000% the cost of your subscription for that time. For example, if you register one hour of downtime, you get credit worth ten hours of hosting in return. Liquid Web is not kidding around, that’s for sure.

How to Compare Reseller Hosting Services

Finding the best reseller web hosting service can be a daunting task. Not only are there dozens of possible choices out there, but you also have to carefully consider your specific needs before you make your final decision.

You might be wondering how these eight reseller programs made it on my list. The answer is that they did especially well during testing. But what were my exact priorities and why? The following checklist should help provide some answers:

  • Pricing. Good discounts are important, but you also have to pay attention to renewal prices following the initial term. The reseller programs on my list are affordable for the most part and offer a great deal of value for your money.
  • Resources. As a hosting reseller, the number of clients you can have depends on the resources you have at your disposal. To begin with, you’ll want plenty of storage space and bandwidth, but the number of cPanel accounts you can create is equally important.
  • Performance. The speed and reliability of the host you choose to work with will directly impact your business. If the infrastructure performs well, your clients are happy. Otherwise, you might have more complaints on your plate than you signed up for.
  • Customization Options. A reseller uses the hosting platform of an established web host, but they must be able to advertise their own brand to succeed as a separate entity. Your provider should give you the freedom and management tools to create your own products and price them accordingly. You should also have the option to use your own business name and storefront.
  • Customer Support. Most web hosts expect you, the reseller, to offer customer support to your clients. On my list, for example, only GoDaddy provides this service for you, and there are trade-offs. However, a good host should be available 24/7 for your questions in case any issues come up that you cannot resolve on your own.

Not even the best reseller hosting programs will excel in all of these categories. The trick is to determine your own priorities and then choose the service that best matches your interest.

Choose the Best Reseller Hosting Provider for Your Business

Now that you have a better idea of the type of service you’re looking for, it’s time to choose the best reseller hosting program for you. As I mentioned earlier in my review, InMotion Hosting makes the most attractive offer overall, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the optimal solution for all users.

A2 Hosting is slightly cheaper and its main focus is performance and reliability, If you can afford it, its reseller program is certainly worth a shot.

On the other hand, web developers and designers looking to offer a more complete service might prefer to go with SiteGround, which comes with a WordPress optimized stack and plenty of developer tools to boot.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for the cheapest reseller hosting solution to help you test the waters, InterServer has some great deals. You can pay on a monthly basis, so you don’t have to make a large investment to begin with.

Perhaps you have little to no experience with web hosting, and you’re worried that you won’t be able to offer expert customer support to your clients. If this is the case, you might want to consider GoDaddy’s Basic/Pro reseller program for beginners.

Or perhaps you already have plenty of know-how in the industry and you’re looking to start a serious web hosting company. Liquid Web is my foremost recommendation here. Provided, of course, that you can afford the spicy price tag.

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