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If GoDaddy vs. HostMonster was a beer contest, it would be like a Budweiser going up against a Corona. They belong roughly to the same class of quality, but neither of them is best at what it does. From the perspective of the market, there’s little competition between GoDaddy and HostMonster, especially since the former is much more popular than the latter. I attribute this to their powerful hosting plans for advanced users.

For those choosing HostMonster or GoDaddy solely based on the basic subscription, I’d advise you to go for the former. HostMonster offers unlimited storage, an unlimited number of domains, and unlimited e-mails, which is a better deal than GoDaddy’s 100 GB of space, 1 domain, and 1 free e-mail for the yearly plan.

When you look at the advanced features of higher-tier plans, however, HostMonster vs. GoDaddy looks like a commercial beer taking on a flavorful craft lager. Unlike HostMonster, which does give out some Google AdWords and Yahoo/Bing credit, GoDaddy raises the stakes with Premium DNS management, SSL Certificates, increased RAM, and more. If costs are not a problem and you also have a bit of developer experience, GoDaddy will give you more advanced tools for your money’s worth.

GoDaddy vs HostMonster Comparison Overview

GoDaddy is known for its simplicity in operation. It offers a user-friendly control panel helping users to access and make the most of all features. All GoDaddy plans come with a considerable amount of disk space to avoid any storage hassles. GoDaddy offers monthly bandwidth with which you can create websites. Furthermore, the ease of setup is what makes it a go-to-choice. Its user-friendliness is the primary reason why people choose GoDaddy over Google Domains and its other competitors. With options such as one-click setups, you can get going in no time.  Detailed website statistics along with built-in DDOS protection enhances the overall security of the website.

HostMonster provides you with a free domain and you can choose between different plans. It offers unlimited storage and bandwidth capable of hosting all your website files and handling any number of users. Using branded emails is now easier owing to the IMAP and POP3 email support. HostMonster has Built-in FTP which enables users to upload and manage the files. Moreover, hotlink protection helps protect copyright images and bandwidth and prevents them from getting exploited. HostMonster provides dedicated support to integrate service such as a forum, social networking scripts, and CMS within your site.

Now that we’ve seen an overview of features, let’s check out the plans and pricing.

Plans & Pricing

With regards to plans and pricing, let’s judge GoDaddy vs HostMonster pricing based upon three tiers – beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Entry-level Hosting Plan

GoDaddy offers regular as well as business hosting plans. These hosting plans can be divided into three tiers – Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. GoDaddy’s beginner or entry-level offering is the Economy plan which starts at $7.99/month and allows you to host one website with over 100GB storage, ten databases, unmetered bandwidth, 50 FTP users, 25 subdomains, 5GB email storage, and one-click app installer.

HostMonster like GoDaddy follows the three-tier system with Basic being an entry-level plan and Choice Plus being the premium. HostMonster’s entry-level hosting plan i.e. Basic starts at $4.95/month and allows you to host one website with 50GB of space, five parked domains, unmetered bandwidth, 25 subdomains, 100MB storage for each account with 5 email accounts.

Intermediate Hosting Plan

GoDaddy’s intermediate hosting plan is called Deluxe. At just $10.99/month, you can host an unlimited number of websites with unlimited disk space, unmetered monthly bandwidth for flexibility in operations, unlimited subdomains, 50 FTP users and all the essential features in the economy plan.

HostMonster’s intermediate hosting plan is called Plus. At $6.95/month, you can host up to 10 websites with 150GB of space, 20 parked domains, 50 subdomains, 100 email accounts with 500MB storage for each and finally unmetered bandwidth.

In terms of intermediate GoDaddy vs HostMonster price and plan war, HostMonster seems to have an edge in pricing but the overall offering by GoDaddy outweighs the price as you get unlimited subdomains and disk space.

Advanced Hosting Plan

GoDaddy’s advanced hosting plan is called Ultimate. At $16.99/month, you can host an unlimited number of websites, with an unlimited number of subdomains and disk space. These offerings exceeded our expectations when we compared GoDaddy and 1&1 and they’re doing it yet again. You get premium DNS, along with 2X memory and processing power alongside unlimited database and FTP users. In addition, you get a free SSL certificate for a period of one year. Furthermore, you also get a vibrant community and additional live chat support which comes in handy when required.

HostMonster’s advanced hosting plan is called Choice Plus or Prime. At $6.95/month, the pricing is similar to Plus but its features are as good as GoDaddy’s premium offering. Why? Because the hosting company is offering it for a cut-price deal. At just $6.95/month, you can host an unlimited number of websites, unlimited parked domains, subdomains, and email accounts. The bandwidth and space are unmetered, and you also get privacy protection along with back-up services. Additionally, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HostMonster with its pricing simply eats GoDaddy in this premium section. However, there’s one problem and that’s customer support. Numerous users have reported how HostMonster’s support with comparison to GoDaddy is not as good. Still, you can get live chat, phone or email support which though not as good as GoDaddy is still satisfactory.

GoDaddy vs. HostMonster: Extras and Freebies

Apart from their respective premium categories, both these hosting companies offer an additional category.

GoDaddy offers a plan called Maximum which supports multiple complex sites featuring high-resolution videos and images. With the Maximum plan, you get 2x more power, 2x more traffic handling capacity and Free SSL certificate till the time you use the service. This category is great for people who want to set up a heavy e-commerce store and are confused between GoDaddy or Shopify as to which option is better.

At $14.95, HostMonster offers a plan called PRO. With PRO, you get a Dedicated IP, SSL Certificate, Domain Privacy, and Complete Site Backup. It includes all the lower-tier plan features but has a high-performance server designed to deliver the best performance.

HostMonster vs GoDaddy: Our Pick

Having learned about GoDaddy vs HostMonster plans and pricing, we can say that HostMonster does outweigh GoDaddy in every tier except the intermediate plan. GoDaddy’s intermediate plan owing to numerous unlimited features is a preferred option for many people. You must also consider the ease of setup and the overall customer service if you’re a noob. As far as value for money goes HostMonster is better than GoDaddy. However, if you’re brand conscious and would like to ride on an expensive boat with similar features, you can choose GoDaddy, which obviously has better customer support.

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