InMotion Hosting Review for Fast, Reliable Websites

InMotion Hosting has been around since 2001, which is a lot earlier than most people realize. They’re not always the first hosting brand that comes to mind for the average consumer, who are likely more familiar with brands like Hostgator, GoDaddy, and Bluehost – but InMotion Hosting have been quietly providing excellent service for a very long time.

They’ve grown organically, through a ton of word-of-mouth and referrals, rather than spending a fortune on advertising and trying to compete with companies that would sacrifice quality in order to advertise more. InMotion Hosting is one of the best kept secrets for people who are looking for something that’s a step higher than many of their competitors. Don’t get the wrong idea, they’re a big company and very well-established in this space, they’re just not quite as well known to the average person, however they’re very well-known among industry professionals.

In this InMotion review, we’re going to be taking a look at what sets them apart, the areas in which they excel, which types of sites SHOULD use them, and which types might be better served to look elsewhere. All in all, spoiler alert, this is an excellent hosting company with a lot of strong offerings for a variety of different sites of all sizes, but we want to dig in a little deeper than that. If you’re looking for more in-depth technical information, you’ll find it here, but if you’re also looking for a more surface level look just to get the basics, we’ve also got you covered… So, without further adieu, let’s jump right into it!

InMotion Hosting Review for 2019: Are They Still One of the Best?

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion has remained very consistent over the years, and it’s always impressive when a hosting company can last this long in such a competitive and cut-throat industry.

We’ve seen so many companies come and go, but InMotion has managed to stick around, without having to sacrifice quality or service – in fact – they’ve been getting better over the years.

In addition to everything you’d expect from a great hosting company, InMotion takes it a step further with their strong commitment and contributions to open source software, and investing in the latest technology in order to provide the best possible service, even when it means they’ll make a little less profit in the short term.

They also invest in having great customer service, which we’ll cover in much more depth near the end of the page before giving our final recommendations.

Dedicated to their Customers

Their dedication to their customers, and to the well-being of the Internet in general, hasn’t gone unrecognized. They’ve been a top-rated hosting option by CNET for well over a decade, they have an A+ rating by the BBB, and they have tons and tons of positive reactions from just about everyone who gives them a try.

No company is perfect, but what really sets the best ones apart is how they handle issues as they arise, and in the world of hosting one thing you can count on is that issues will arise, but when they do – you want to have your website with a host that is equipped to handle anything.

Let’s start by breaking down some of InMotion’s most popular offerings, we’ll look at the pros and cons of their current hosting packages, and help you choose the one that’s the best fit for your needs so that you aren’t spending extra money on features that you don’t need.

InMotion Hosting Packages:

InMotion has a whole slew of offerings for any size site, starting with their Business Hosting and WordPress-specific hosting plans for under $10 per month, to their VPS and reseller packages for under $20, all the way up to dedicated servers starting at $100 per month for very busy, high-demand websites.

For Smaller/New Websites:

Their Business plans are their entry-level options, and they’re not just for businesses – they’re also a very affordable hosting option for personal sites, for clubs and organizations, for portfolios, and anything else that doesn’t need an incredible amount of resources.

Their most entry-level business plan, called Launch, comes with support for 2 websites which is nice since most entry plans we’ve seen with other hosts only allow for 1. It goes up from there, to their Power and Pro plans which offer support for 6, or unlimited, websites respectively. Performance increases as you work your way up to Pro, as well, along with a higher-tier of support access.

If you aren’t really sure which one you need, you can always start with the cheaper one and upgrade as needed. Upgrading is super easy, so you can grow your hosting plan as your site grows without having to worry about over-spending at the start.

This initial tier is a great starting point for most websites, unless you have plans to have thousands and thousands of visitors right out of the gates.

For Larger Websites/Advanced Users:

If you have a bigger site that you’re moving over, or a project that you’re going to invest a lot in promoting right from the get-go, you’ll probabally want to invest some of that budget into a higher-tier hosting plan, too.

From VPS to dedicated servers, InMotion has you covered. You can even upgrade to one of these options down the road once you’ve outgrown their more entry plans – it’s a breeze!

Here’s a rundown of their VPS and dedicated server offerings:

This is a great line-up of offerings, they give you ample storage and bandwidth, more than average, and a solid amount of ram.

All together, these specs mean your site is going to perform very well under medium traffic loads (Hundreds of visitors at a time, maybe pushing into the 1000’s with good optimization, into the tens of thousands on a daily basis.)

The amounts of additional IP addresses that you get are also above average, it means you can host extra sites on their own IP addresses rather than having all of your websites tied together. It’s good for people who don’t want their competitors to see every little thing that they’re up to, it can help add a layer of privacy and security.

A VPS server is perfect for customers who want to keep a managed hosting environment (Which essentially means they’ll take care of all the technical stuff for you), but InMotion also has a non-managed VPS offering that’s more along the lines of what you’d see from Digital Ocean or one of the many Digital Ocean alternatives out there.

We’ve seen many hosting companies that specialize in shared hosting, and they usually include some type of VPS offering just for the sake of rounding out their packages, but their VPS is usually on the weaker side, or quite expensive.

In the case of InMotion, however, their offerings across the board all feel like very viable options, there’s no “filler” here like we’ve seen with some competitors.

If you need a dedicated server, you’ll find a great one from InMotion. If you need a VPS or shared hosting, you’ll find some great offerings. It’s nice to see them with a full line up of services that are all very viable and strong choices.

Here’s a look at the dedicated servers they have:

Dedicated servers are for SERIOUS websites, when you’re getting slammed with tons of visitors all day long and need your own environment for your site.

They can handle massive bursts of traffic without breaking a sweat, but you’re also going to have to pony up some extra cash each month, so it’s really only viable for profitable websites that get a lot of traffic. Otherwise, we recommend sticking to a VPS for businesses, or even one of InMotion’s very reliable shared hosting options (The ones under their Business category, or the plans that are crafted specifically for WordPress – either will do great for smaller sites.)

Additional features:

  • InMotion also has a handful of features that are available in all of their Business plans, such as free domain names, free SSD drives to make your site a lot faster, a 90-Day guarantee which is almost unheard of in this industry, FREE backups (Most other hosts charge extra for this, so keep that in mind if you’re comparing InMotion to something a bit cheaper – backups are ESSENTIAL.)
  • Also, you’ll get access to a “1-click installer”, which makes it much, much easier to setup your site – whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet, it’ll save you time and energy so you can start focusing on growing your audience and promoting your site, rather than fussing around with behind the scenes stuff.
  • You can choose your data center based on which one is closest to most of your visitors.
  • Their plans come with secure IMAP email accounts, support for all of the coding languages for those of you who want to built your site from scratch instead of using something like WordPress, SSH access for advanced users, Google Apps integration, and a lot more.
  • Their hosting plans come from free SSL, something that starts at around $60 if you’re using GoDaddy, so that’s another significant cost-saving measure that’s not readily apparent if you just look at the advertised prices.
  • You’ll get up to $250 in advertising credits, too, which you can use to get your site site off the ground and in front of the eyes of potential customers right out of the gate, without having to wait for the search engines to start sending visitors your way.

How Good Is Their Support Staff?

After being in business for nearly two decades, InMotion has seen it all by now, and they’ve taken that experience to refine their support experience.

They offer some things we don’t see very often, like the ability to contact them via Skype, which can be really handy when you’re on the go and you get a notification that your site is down but you only have a mobile device to work from. Granted, that’s kind of cool, but it’s not a make-or-break feature of support staff, but it’s a little extra gravy on top.

Beyond that, let’s really dig into the different ways you can get in touch with them when you have questions or when you need help with just about anything.

That’s the beauty of fully managed servers – it’s like having your own little IT department to just completely handle nearly anything to do with your website, even software related stuff, they’re often able to help.

Their support center has a massive database of information so you can look things up for yourself, if you’d prefer, including tons of tutorials for just about everything.

If you’d rather just get some help with it instead of DIY, no worries, you can do that too.

Setting up a website can feel overwhelming when you’re doing it for the first time, and InMotion seems to understand that perfectly, and never bats at eye at giving you help – even with the most basic of setup issues. Some hosts make the process downright difficult, InMotion makes it easily enough that ANYONE can do it.

Also, they have a community section where you can get advice from other users, too.

They offer support via email, through a helpdesk with a ticket system, via live chat, and over the telephone. We always like to see a lot of options, it can be annoying when your only option is to pick up the phone when you just have a quick question, so we have to commend InMotion for having a variety of ways to get in touch.

FINAL VERDICT: One of the BEST We’ve Seen!

Overall, InMotion is a SUPER easy company for us to give a glowing recommendation to, because they simply do things great across the board.

While they offer unlimited plans, which we’ve criticized in the past since they’re never truly “unlimited”, it’s still a pretty standard thing for lower-cost hosting options.

Their VPS plans and above let you know exactly how many resources you have at your disposal, and we’ve found that they don’t oversell their shared servers at all, so the ‘unlimited’ marketing buzzword is much less of a concern in this case than with some other companies we’ve tested out. As long as it’s reliable and performing great, we really can’t complain too much… And it is, and that’s why we give InMotion hosting a STRONG recommendation!

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