Review of THE Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies

Have you been on the hunt for the best Minecraft server hosting option? If so, you’re definitely not alone. With so many options out there and countless reviews to dive into before pulling out your wallet, it’s easy to quickly become overwhelmed by the choices.

It’s also essential to make sure that you choose a host that you can trust. Because if you go with a substandard provider, your game will end up lagging – even to the point that it is unplayable. This would end up being a colossal waste of time and land you right back at square one, needing to find a reliable host.

Fortunately for Minecraft fans everywhere, we’ve done the hard work for you! Now, you can easily find all the information you need to know about the best Minecraft server hosting on the web today.

Minecraft has taken the gaming world by storm ever since the day it was released back in 2009. Since then, it has been introduced to various platforms, including smartphones. The addictive grind of the gameplay, combined with the immense opportunity for creativity, makes Minecraft an attractive gaming option to both novice and experienced gamers alike.

Hosting a Minecraft server can be educational and exciting – and it can even make you money! However, it requires a server rental from a professional if you want to do so efficiently, allowing you the time you need to manage the server, play the game, and enjoy the experience of hosting your own Minecraft server.

Setting up your Minecraft server and learning how to make it profitable is only possible after you’ve done the initial work on choosing the right server host for you. That’s where we come in – helping guide you towards the best server host to achieve your goals!

We’ve selected our top 5 picks for the best Minecraft server hosting, so you can decide which one best fits your purposes.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Minecraft Host

Before you embark on the task of selecting the right host for you, it’s important to understand the characteristics of a good host. With this in mind, here are the features you’ll want to pay significant attention to during your search and before handing over your hard-earned cash. This will help you understand what your needs are from your new Minecraft host.

The first thing you’ll want to look at is bandwidth. We all know that lag takes all the fun out of any game, and when it comes to avoiding these problems, bandwidth is what it all comes down to.

The amount of bandwidth you’ll need from a good host depends on how many people will be playing on it. Are you looking to self-host, so just you and a couple of friends can play without someone needing to keep their home PC running around the clock? If so, then you’ll only need to spend a couple of dollars a month on a server with enough bandwidth to fulfill your needs.

However, if you want your game to be modded by adding a couple of modpacks, you might be spending around $3 or more to get the ram needed to support your addons. Anything in a cheaper price point than that probably won’t be up to handling many plugins running at any given time.

If you are looking at having a dozen or more users online all at once, then you’ll definitely need a more powerful server – which will certainly run you a higher bill. Once you exceed 30 user slots, you’ll need to start seriously considering a dedicated or high-end server. This is especially if your players are giving you money or donations to keep the server going. When players are handing over money, it’s only right to reinvest some of it into providing a better experience.

Get Started Building the Ultimate Minecraft World

Ready to dive into finding the best Minecraft server host for your needs? Here are our top choices and everything that you need to know about each option to make the right decision.

Remember, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices – but some of them are going to be better for you than others depending on your purposes!

#1: (Most Popular Choice!)

Gameserver - company profile

GameServers is a leader in the industry when it comes to server hosting for a wide variety of games. This is true, especially for Minecraft. They offer quality servers for as little as a $1 monthly fee. It’s good for gamers with a wide variety of intentions, too, because it offers options to scale up if your server becomes more popular and begins to demand more resources.

Not only that, but it’s user-friendly – easy to configure, comes with one-click installs for plugins, McMyAdmin, and more.

Here are quick fats and features of GamerServer.Com.
  • Company serves more than 400 000 user on daily basis
  • Company offers full technical support for 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • The McMyAdmin control panel gives users access to loads of essential controls
  • These servers also allow access to various key plugins
  • Company tends to be the gold standard of Minecraft server hosting options
  • Those key plugins are available for users: Tekkit, CommandBook, ChestShop, etc.

Specs and Price

Pricing of GameServers.Com for Minecraft

  Plan I Plan II Plan III
Monthly Price 1$ 3.99$ 5.99$
Number of Players 1-8 1-12 1-16
RAM 512 MB 768 MB 1024 MB
McMyAdmin Yes Yes Yes
Online Support 24/7 24/7 24/7


We’ve found that offers a strong team of dedicated support staff who are helpful and knowledgeable. They have an understanding of the unique needs for a wide variety of games. So if you’re looking to expand beyond the world of MC, this is still a great option, too. It’s fairly common to experience issues with plugins on any server, and this only makes it more important to have a strong support team if you plan on using them.

On the other hand, there is often a benefit to using a company that specializes in a specific game. This ensures that you’re getting assistance from a true expert at the game you’re playing. When it comes to GameServers, however, the company is so large that there are always plenty of staff members willing and helpful in getting their customers through any trials they run into.

All in all, we find GameServer’s support system to be excellent, though not always specialized for Minecraft in particular. - pros & cons
Competitive pricing
Get your server running in a matter of minutes
Backs up information daily
Wide range of plugins and extra features
A custom control panel to manage your Minecraft server
Servers located across the globe
Experienced in countless games
Offers the peace of mind that comes from an industry leader

They only offer a 5-day money back guarantee

#2: - company profile has been around long enough to gain some major name recognition and authority in the server hosting world. They allocate more resources per user than other hosts do, giving users a better overall playing experience. Their servers are easy to use, and their support is specific to Minecraft and is always there to lend a helping hand. In short – everything you could possibly look for in a Minecraft host! offers a range of fun mods that you can get running fairly quickly, including Pixelmon (which turns Minecraft into a Pokemon hybrid) and fun options like FTB < Spigot, Technic Hosting, and more. has been around long enough to gain some major name recognition and authority in the server hosting world. They allocate more resources per user than other hosts do, giving users a better overall playing experience. Their servers are easy to use, and their support is specific to Minecraft and is always there to lend a helping hand. In short – everything you could possibly look for in a Minecraft host! offers a range of fun mods that you can get running fairly quickly, including Pixelmon (which turns Minecraft into a Pokemon hybrid) and fun options like FTB< Spigot, Technic Hosting, and more.

Specs and Price

The downside to this server is that it is one of the pricier options, but it’s a great choice if you can afford it. There are three different plans, ranging between $29.95 monthly and just under $50 per month that serve between 50 and 100 users.


This server host offers that specialized Minecraft support we were talking about earlier. If you can afford this pricier option, it’s worth it in terms of the help you’ll receive from experts when needed. Their customer support team will have encountered almost any issue before and know how to get you back on track in no time. - pros & cons

  • Extremely high-quality hardware
  • Works fast, even with many players
  • Passionate and dedicated Minecraft experts
  • They’ve been around since the game first went live
  • Has a great reputation within the industry
  • Their servers offer everything you need and more
  • A more expensive option, making it more suited for those looking to run a business
  • They are sometimes sold out of servers and you’ll need to wait for one to become available

#3: BeastNode

Beastnode - company profile


Now that we have explored both a low-cost option and a premium option, we’ll look into BeastNode. This company offers premium Minecraft servers as well as low-budget options.

They are versatile and offer excellent hardware that runs on a gigabit up-link. You can get your server set up in just a few seconds and have access to 24/7 support! This way, you won’t miss a beat and can get right back on track if something goes wrong.

Not only does BeastNode offer its users top-notch server hosting, but they also offer SSD Cloud VPS servers. Based in Irvine, California, these servers offer everything you’d expect from a host and custom packages for those seeking out higher volumes of resources. Powered by the latest Intel Xeon CPUs and with a focus on providing affordable services to their users, BeastNode is at your service whether you need a higher-end box or a simple host to get you started. They are a great option that can grow with you as your server becomes more successful.

Specs and Price

Because BeastMode offers both budget and premium packages, you can spend anywhere from $2.99/month to $60/month, depending on how much ram you want and the number of players using the server. Premium servers also offer priority tech support, unlimited disk space, a free subdomain, and more.

Pricing of BeastNode MineCraft Servers

  Starter Plan Regular Plan Premium Plan
Monthly Price 2.99$ 11.99$ 35.99$
RAM 1 GB 3 GB 12 GB
Number of Players Up to 15 Up to 60 100+
Online Support Yes Yes Yes
Instant Server Setup Yes Yes Yes
DDoS Protection Yes Yes Yes


BeastNode offers around-the-clock support, but not everyone gets the same priority. Basic servers offer basic support, while the premium servers are given full tech support.

However, you should be able to get the answers you need, and their support staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Beastnode - pros & cons


State-of-the-art hardware, the latest Intel processors, SSD drives, and top-notch bandwidth

Packages offered at a great value

Around-the-clock support to help users through any snags they encounter

Unlimited player slots

Support for all popular plugins

Unlimited bandwidth options

Only 3 locations (Arizona, Chicago, and The Netherlands)

#4: MelonCube Hosting

Meloncube hosting - company profile


MelonCube Hosting is known for its excellent uptimes, striving for 100% using their enterprise-tier hardware. The company also offers users many added perks at no additional cost, such as unlimited player slots, 30 days of Buycraft Ultimate, databases, 30 days of Minestrents Lite, and 45 days of Enjin.

These trials allow users to test out the platforms they like before spending money on them and manage a server and community with ease – it even makes it possible to make money on it! By trying out these features for free, you can decide which ones are worth your hard-earned cash.

MelonCube makes for a great place for a Minecraft server rental for many different reasons. They offer high-quality hardware, SSD drives, excellent up-times, and so much more. They have a simple and fair billing system that doesn’t tie users into long contracts, and an easy system that allows you to cancel at your leisure. It’s also simple to downgrade or upgrade your server as needed and make other necessary changes to an account.

Specs and Price

MelonCube is known for not charging extra for many great features, such as unlimited user slots, custom jars with one-click installs, full FTP access, and more. For an additional cost, you can also get a dedicated IP address or backup services, all at fair prices.

Their prices range from as little as $1.50 to as much $40 monthly, but every plan offers great value for your money.

Pricing of MelonCube Servers for MineCraft

  Skeleton Witch Dragon
Monthly Price 1.50$ 18.00$ 30.00$
RAM 512 MB 6144 MB 10240 MB
Number of Players Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSD STORAGE Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
100% Uptime Yes Yes Yes
Power Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
DDoS Protection Yes Yes Yes


MelonCube offers excellent dedicated support via helpdesk, as well as troubleshooting guides to help you get through common problems on your own. With guides that cover everything you need to know, you might never need to submit a support request at all.

Meloncube - pros & cons

Pricing starts as low as $1.50/month - offering 512mb ram, SSD storage, and unlimited player slots
Servers with as much as 10GB of ram available for just $30
Only 4 Server Locations - However, they make up for it with quick connections

#5: Apex Hosting

Apex hosting - company profile


Apex has a familiar setup, giving users all the basics of what you need from a Minecraft server host. You can even install modpacks with just a few clicks, which is a handy addition for anyone new to running an MC server or those who want to save the time rather than do it themselves. And of course, you can get your server set up in just a few seconds and start playing!

Apex Hosting’s ultra-low latency servers are one of the prime selling points of the host. They keep your game running smoothly without a hitch. With a custom control panel, you can make server management a breeze.

Coupled with the DDoS protection that comes included, and support staff available to assist you around the clock, you can rest assured that your Minecraft server will be easy-to-use and fun! In addition, they support all MC versions and modpacks.

Specs and Price

Apex Hosting offers plans to fit any budget or amount of players, supports different packs and versions, and more. This way, you can find a package that fits your needs and budget at the same time. You can get premium support with any plan for an additional $5 monthly, or a dedicated IP address for an additional $4 per month.

Pricing of Apex Hosting for MIneCraft

  Basic Popular Advanced
Monthly Price 1.99$ 7.99$ 53.50$
RAM 512 MB 2 GB 16 GB
Number of Players 10 50 1000
Instant Setup Yes Yes Yes
DDoS Protection Yes Yes Yes


Any package can upgrade to priority support for an additional $5 per month. This even allows them to upload new worlds, mods, and plugins for you – which can save you a lot of time and frustration if you’re not tech savvy.

However, those who only need the basic support have the option to save that money – which is something nice about the premium support cost not being baked into the package price.

Apex Hosting - pros & cons


Best For (Pros)
Customized Multicraft panel to control and manage servers with ease
Around-the-clock tech support
DDoS protection in case a competitor’s server tries to take yours down
A wide range of mods able to be installed in just a few clicks
Can install any modpack or server version you want
Limit on user slots for each package – however, this ensures that you won’t exceed the  recommended number of users and experience lag


So, there you have it – everything you need to know to find the right Minecraft server host! Good luck and happy gaming!

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