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NameSilo vs GoDaddy

Last updated: Author Scott Whatley

If you’re just looking for a place where you can buy a reasonably priced domain, then GoDaddy and NameSilo will definitely be among your most affordable solutions. While they are roughly on par in terms of prices – for example, .org is only $2 more expensive on NameSilo – there is a major difference between the total number of domains claimed by each. They often run promotions where you can land better prices on many top-level domains, so your best bet is to keep an eye out for these sales.

NameSilo says it currently monitors around 6 million worldwide domains, while GoDaddy claims over 77 million. This discrepancy is evident both in their market capitalization, as well as in the services they provide. For those looking to get online in the fastest, most affordable way possible, I cannot advise them to think in terms of GoDaddy vs NameSilo, since the latter does not have a hosting service of their own.

Having said this, customers who consider GoDaddy or NameSilo purely as domain registrars should look beyond the comparable prices. Below is a comprehensive list of additional features each service provides to its clients.

PlanDomain RegistryDomain Registry
Pricingfrom $11.99 per yr per .com domainfrom $8.99 per yr per .com domain
Free WhoisNoYes
Free ICANNYesYes
Elite web site encryptionNoYes
Offers 2-factor authenticationNoYes
SSL CertificateNoNo
24/7 SupportYesYes
Accepts unverified PayPal accountsNoYes
Accepts BitcoinNoYes
Accepts SkrillYesYes
Accepts AlipayYesYes
Free Email ForwardingYesYes
POP AccountsYesNo
Registration RefundsYesYes

With features such as Domain Auctions, Domain Broker, Bulk Search, and the newly added Domain Value Appraisal, the NameSilo vs GoDaddy match-up leans heavily in favor of the latter.

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