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Hover vs. GoDaddy

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Author Scott Whatley

Somewhere in the early 2010s, GoDaddy and Hover were deadlocked in something of a trial by combat. Everyone, including Forbes, mind you, demonized GoDaddy, while Hover was portrayed as nothing short of an “oasis” for new domain names.

Although IT is my life, my main hobby is reading, so I’m quite adept at telling when I’m being finessed. Even more so when I’m being sold one of the oldest archetypes in literature: the story of the underdog. But the narrative of Hover being an awesome underdog and a great alternative to GoDaddy was nothing more than marketing spiel. Today, if you look at GoDaddy vs Hover purely on the basis of what they offer, fiction crumbles under the weight of fact.

For those of you trying to decide whether GoDaddy or Hover is a better solution, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that Hover will ask you for 4x the Economy pack of GoDaddy just to register a domain name. And the list goes on. Just scroll down to find out more about how they stack up against one another.

PlanDomain RegistryDomain Registry
Pricingfrom $11.99 per yr per .com domainfrom $12.99 per yr per .com domain
Free WhoisNoYes
Free ICANNYesYes
Free TransferYesYes
in-house HostingYesNo
Free SSL CertificateNoNo
24/7 SupportYesYes
Email ForwardingYesPaid
Year Founded19972008
Ideal forSmall to Medium Enterprisenon-profit websites

To me, it seems very clear that an entrenched and successful hosting service like GoDaddy will sometimes be targeted by negative marketing campaigns. Hover vs. GoDaddy was never even a competition. It was rather a marketing ploy to attract new customers who do not have the time to look at the facts and don’t mind replacing them with fiction.

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